8 Yr. Old Quintin LaVille Writes A Letter To Mr. Steve Van Doren


What an awesome letter!  I stumbled across this while on Instagram, and just had to repost it.  This 8 year old kid named Quintin LaVille, who currently skates for SCUM skateboards based out of Fullerton, CA, mentioned to SCUM co-founder K.C., that he wants to ride for Vans some day.  K.C. told him that if he would write a letter to Mr. Steve Van Doren, he would do all that he could to help get it to him.  After reading this letter, it’s clear that this kid gets it.  Everything he says is true about Vans shoes, and I’m guessing it’s not from advertisements.  Not from friends who have all the cool stuff.  No trendsetting blogs to be influenced by.  It’s purely from experience.  It doesn’t get any more “core” than this.  His family, or him, probably have no idea that we’ve been spreading his letter around, and I don’t really have any intentions for it, but I sure hope it crosses paths with our friends over at Vans.  I’m sure there’s tons of letters that come in daily, with requests for free handouts, but this one just seems to go above and beyond, and feels genuine.

Contact K.C. on Instagram @sadlandsforever

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