Larry Luk Imagines the Vans Vault x Takashi Murakami Collection for Nice Kicks.


This is something interesting.  Nice Kicks just posted up this awesome artwork from their artist and friend Larry Luk, who created his own personal renderings of what the upcoming Vans Vault x Murakami collection may look like.  Now, let’s be clear.  Official images haven’t been released just yet, but there are a few leaked pics floating around out there and it’s safe to say that these creative designs aren’t too far off from some of the ones that we’ve seen.  What do you think?  Once official info drops, then we can look back on these and see how close Larry Luk was in imagining the collection!

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Espace OTH – “PUSH” by MEKA Solo Art Exhibition (Thurs. 3.5.15) #MekaOTH #OTHBoutique @OTHBoutique

(This is the same artist that did those cool Vans paintings that I posted up on Instagram.  Support our friends to the North, and stop in to check out this awesome exhibition!)

For one night only, artist Thibaut « MEKA » Désiront will settle at Espace OTH, the art gallery of the owners of doewntown boutique Off The Hook. His solo art exhibition, named « Push », contains two dozen paintings on hard wood, as well as a dozen other pieces of art, all of them exploring the common themes of inspiration, positivity, and surpassing oneself – an organic follow-up to his famous Keep Pushing series.

« Every piece from this show related to striving to be better, to push your own limits – either via designs influenced by inspiring quotes, or by the icons who’ve pushed me to create, discover, exchange or make experiences, since I was a kid. »

Thibaut “MEKA” DésirontWhen: Thursday, March 5th 2015, from 5pm to 9pm

Where: Espace OTH, 1181 Ste Catherine West, Montreal. No cover.


Vans x Sublime – “Charity eBay Auction” Sk8-Hi sz11.5 (1 of 3) #Sublime #SublimeVans


I came across this on eBay and thought it was worth sharing with all of you:

Seller’s description:

“These shoes are rare. Under 300 pairs in the world, but these are for the serious collector. There are only 3 like this in the world. Straight from the Rexfest Records collection these are being sold for 100% charity. Opie created art on 3 boxes only and signed the tongue of one shoe personally. All funds will go to the Rexfest Foundation. this auction is for the size 11.5 which is number 3/3.
Certified signed art by opie Ortiz”

Bid on these HERE!!!


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Vans x Fiat – 500L Concept


Words and pics via Top Gear:

“This car started life as a Fiat 500L. After it was driven off the Fiat production line, it was then driven through a Vans store, in preparation for a debut at the Vans US Open of Surfing last weekend. This event took place at Huntington Beach, which is in California.

If you are a consumer of Vans footwear, you will notice many Vans footwear-inspired details around this 500L. Many logos. A ‘waffle sole’ pattern on the pedals. Some ‘checkerboard’ patterning on the roof.

There is also a two-tone paint scheme, 18in matt black wheels and a roof rack with a double decker surfboard carrier. Because surfing.

We have literally no words left to describe this Fiat 500L, so will simply pose this question: is this the weirdest car company tie in?”

I don’t know if this was the best automobile brand to collaborate with.  I do like the nice Vans customizations, like the gum waffle sole reverse treads on the utility tray, and pedals.  The signature palm leaf pattern on the seat covers is dope, and I think the “sticker bomb” dash accent is a little over the top, but it is a concept after all.  It has to be attention grabbing.  I could see Vans teaming up with Scion, or Toyota’s TRD division.  Maybe get in on the import drifting scene, which is somewhat an action sport, and maybe even a dirtbike brand collaboration.  Same waffle accents, and familiar patterns please!

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Heads Up: Bait & OTWS “California Native” Art Exhibition is still on display @baitme !

CaliNative2013 031

Just a friendly reminder that our art exhibition is still up at Bait in Diamond Bar, so if you didn’t get to see the awesome installation we put together, along with all of our awesome friends who created some awesome art for the show.  We’ve been given the okay to leave it up for a few more weeks, so stop on by and say hello, and head up stairs to check it out.  Thanks everyone!


Bait & OTWS Presents: California Native 2013 “What It Means To Be A Cali Native” (Event Recap Photos) #OTWS #BAIT #calinative2013

CaliNative2013 003

First off, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you that came out to support us last Thursday evening.  Our successful opening night couldn’t have been done without a crowd!  The California Native show is off and running, currently on display at Bait’s flagship store in Diamond Bar, and if you’re anywhere near DB in the next 3 weeks or so, stop in, and head up stairs to check out the awesome art installation, including some of my own personal Vans collection.  To be honest, I only host these art shows so I can display my shoes, haha!  I’d also like to thank our network of artists for coming through on this event with some awesome pieces for us all to see.  It always amazes me, to see different people’s perspectives on our set themes, and to see their unique and talented styles.  We’re not worthy to get the level of quality in the art we have been so lucky to receive, but we will proudly accept it and display it out of pure gratitude, if not for anything else.

Please do yourselves a favor and make it a point to come out and visit Bait on a free day, and see what I am trying to poorly put into words for you all.  The show was scheduled to run for 2 weeks, but it may run longer now, as their art gallery calendar has opened up recently.  Also, if you’ve never been in to Bait before, prepared to be blown away by the awesome vinyl toy collection that is on display.  I think it’s safe to say that it’s the largest display of a personal collection (most for sale by the way) in the country, and possibly the world!  It’s awe-inspiring, and from what I heard, we drew a bunch of first timers to the shop that night, and plenty of jaws were dropping once they set foot into the store.  Don’t forget, Bait carries all of your favorite brand name apparel, and their sneaker selection has been growing as well, with some pretty exclusive stuff to top it off.

Lastly, thank you to Marc, Matt, and Eric at Bait, for working with us, and allowing us to do this.  Ryan, Dennis, and I look forward to hosting more events like this in the future, and we have a gang of ideas that we can run with!  Please take the time to look through all of the photos after the jump, and spread the word!  Thank you.

-Bill “Guamstyles” Cruz

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We welcome: Alex Sia @monsieur_alexandre to our California Native Art Show On 10.10.13 @baitme #BAIT #OTWS #CALINATIVE2013

We’re back at it again! Our next art exhibition, California Native: “What It Means To Be A Cali Native” is on 10.10.13 with @baitme, and we’d like to welcome Alex Sia @monsieur_alexandre to our artist lineup! #bait #otws #offthewallsite #calinative2013

We welcome: Randy DeJesus @radnom to our California Native Art Show On 10.10.13 @baitme #BAIT #OTWS #CALINATIVE2013

We’re back at it again! Our next art exhibition, California Native: “What It Means To Be A Cali Native” is on 10.10.13 with @baitme, and we’d like to welcome Randy DeJesus @radnom to our artist lineup! #bait #otws #offthewallsite #calinative2013

We welcome: Outsiders BMX @outsidersbmx to our California Native Art Show On 10.10.13 @baitme #BAIT #OTWS #CALINATIVE2013

We’re back at it again! Our next art exhibition, California Native: “What It Means To Be A Cali Native” is on 10.10.13 with @baitme, and we’d like to welcome Outsiders BMX @outsidersbmx to our artist lineup! #bait #otws #offthewallsite #calinative2013

We welcome: Ryan Aquino @ryanskeet to our California Native Art Show On 10.10.13 @baitme #BAIT #OTWS #CALINATIVE2013

We’re back at it again! Our next art exhibition, California Native: “What It Means To Be A Cali Native” is on 10.10.13 with @baitme, and we’d like to welcome Ryan Aquino @ryanskeet to our artist lineup! #bait #otws #offthewallsite #calinative2013