Vans – Style #44 (Authentic) “X-mas Tree Print” Made in U.S.A. (vintage!)

Merry Christmas everybody.  For this Christmas, we have a special shoe we want to share with you all, from our friends in the UK, over at The Other Side of the Pillow.  They specialize in vintage, hard to find items, and one of their specialties are old school “made in the U.S.A.” Vans.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been in touch with them, but they always have interesting stuff, and they are truly knowledgeable in vintage Vans.  I learn lots of new things about Vans from these guys!  Well, they’ve recently shared these Christmas themed Authentics, or aka the Style #44 as they were called back in the day.  Adorned in a red and white plaid pattern, with little green Christmas trees all over, and finished off with pine green foxing stripes.  Check out the “made in U.S.A.” heel tabs as well.  If you come across any Vans with these tabs on the heel at swap meets or thrift stores, then pick them up!  They’re becoming more and more harder to find, and can fetch above $100 depending on condition.  Enjoy!

info via theothersideofthepillow

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Erwin’s Mickey Authentics circa 1991 (new pickups!)

OTWS member Erwin posted up a pic of his vintage circa 1991 Vans x Disney “Mickey Mouse” Authentics.  These are the cleanest ones I’ve seen, as most on eBay are worn to sh*t!  Nice come up Erwin!  Word is, one may be fore sale, BUT, they are for kids or ladies with small feet.

Vans Syndicate x Jason Jessee – Old Skool (New Pickups!)

Can you say WTF?  How is it that I was able to snag a pair of the most holiest of grails in the Syndicate realm?!  I’m still in shock that I came across these from a long time Vans Syndicate dealer, but you better believe it!  Only one minor blemish, from being exposed to the elements for a few years, through the hole in the Syndicate box.  The rest of the shoe is as if it were brand new, (unlike my 003 sz12 Jason Jessee Sk8-Hi’s from FCLA that had one yellow sole, and one brand new white sole).  A little bit of Sea Glow should fix that spot right up!  Do some digging, and see what you can come up with at your local Syndicate dealer!  You never know.

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Vintage Vans – Crescent Island Collection (A look back!)

Our friends in the UK, over at The Other Side of the Pillow,  a shop that specialize in vintage products, always seems to amaze me with their vintage made in the U.S.A. Vans that they come across.  I learn a lot from other Vans collectors, resellers, curators, enthusiasts, or whatever they are classified under!  Their latest offering is of a rare collection from Vans, known as the Crescent Island Collection.  Focused primarily on luxury, there is an attention to detail of the materials and colors, which was totally on the opposite side of the spectrum of the skateboard influences of the late 80s, with their bright colors, and street punk wearing high-tops.  These were for the fashion forward personality types.  Those who understood fine quality, and cutting edge fashion.  You’ll find that most of the models in this collection are constructed with corduroy, denim, velvet, or suede, in rich earthtone colors, as well as antique brass eyelets, pigskin trim, and coordinated cord laces.  This was the Vans Vault, and Vans California collections, for that era.  I was definitely surprised to see that Vans had this vision early on, and I’m glad that I have an outlet to share this with the rest of you Vans heads!

To see which pairs are available for purchase, check out the entire feature over on The Other Side of the Pillow blog, and shoot them an email if you’re interested in anything they have for sale!  Tell them Guamstyles sent you, from OTWS!

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Vans x KROQ – Era (Vintage 80s Promotional Giveaway)

One of the greatest things about Vans, is how they were known in their early years for their customizing, and small production runs, which allowed all sorts of people to come to Vans, and ask them to whip up a quick run of shoes for promotional use, or what have you.  In this case, it was legendary rock radio station 106.7 KROQ, here in the Los Angeles, and Orange County area that went to Vans, to create these awesome, unseen promo Vans.  My homie Jim, aka  5150Marley, sent me these pics of his friends late 1980s pair, made in the USA, Vans Era’s, which he had won from KROQ some 20+ years ago.  How dope is that?  Check out all the logos…on the sidewalls, and all over the canvas.  No doubt about it, these are a rare gem, and people will be asking questions!  Thanks Jim!

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Dead.Stock: Erwin’s 2004 Vault Sk8-Hi “Rasta 420”

Happy 420 to all you smokers out there!  We got a sick 420-themed feature for you all!  OTWS member Erwin recently submitted these photos to me, of his Vault Sk8-Hi Rasta’s from 2004, and today seems appropriate to unveil them to you all.  Most Vans releases that include marijuana prints, include rumors of being unreleased, or taken down from shelves, but somehow there always seems to be a few that get out there, and that’s sort of the legend with these as well.  A few pairs have popped up on eBay in the past, and have sold for a fairly high amount, but there is almost no back history that we can find on these.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated, because we are dying to know more about them.  Until we can provide a proper story for these funky, loud, and dope shoes, just enjoy the pics from Erwin!

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Dead.Stock: joni_loco’s “1996” Supreme Old Skool’s (first release)

As OTWS continues to grow, it never ceases to amaze me of some of our newest members’ collections.  Almost every contributing collector on our forum has something that the rest of us don’t.  When one of our newest members posted up his introduction, he just so happened to add this little gem in there, right at the end…knowing that jaws would drop in shock.  How many of us can say we own one of the very first Vans collabos from Supreme?  Let alone, still DS and not even laced up!  These Old Skools came out back in 1996, six years before their first Nike SB collaboration, and long before the Supreme hype was in full effect.  There were 3 colorways, 2 were camo, and the 3rd was this pair in a white and gray colorway.  The best part about these, is that they were made in the USA!  I asked Joni to snap me some detailed shots to share with you all, and here they are.  If you have some rare, or special Vans that you wouldn’t mind sharing with us, then let me know.  I’d be more than happy to post them up on here.  Thanks again Joni, our newest member, all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for the pics!

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