A Day At The New Vans Corporate Headquarters (8.30.17)


I know it’s been a few weeks since we were invited to tour the Vans Corporate Headquarters, but life has really been in the way and I haven’t been able to really sit down and write.  I mainly wanted to share with you, some random photos that I was able to take while touring this amazing new facility.  Situated right off the 405 freeway in Costa Mesa, just West of Harbor Blvd., perfectly visible from the freeway, stands this gigantic checkerboard wrapped building, with an even more giant Vans logo on each side of the building.  It’s even more magnificent from the inside courtyard, where you’ve all seen that big red staircase that connects all 3 floors together.


I started out my day meeting up with the Strictly Waffles fam Eddie and Joey in the parking lot.  We arrived inside to all of our Vans PR friends, and a few familiar faces I’ve met at past events.  We were provided with some breakfast items and Stumptown Coffee which is the coffee of choice throughout the main cafe, and the coffee kitchens situated on each floor.  I was all about that nitro cold brew that was on tap, served up by their very own barista Brandon.  This was too awesome.


The day of course started with a nice introduction from Steve Van Doren, and his sister Cheryl, talking about what was important when asking employees about what they wanted the new building to have, as well as making sure it was a place that made you love being at work.  There are private think spaces throughout the entire building, an outdoor courtyard complete with a bell that can be rung and heard throughout the entire place, when you make a significant achievement, and there’s even a game room loaded with air hockey, foosball, and shuffleboards to blow off a little steam on.  Vans memorabilia is on display almost everywhere you look.  Band collab shoes, custom Fender guitars, and even the Vans Born Free 9 motorcycle that was built by Thompson Cycles. Read More

Strictly Waffles Presents: “Waffle Lovers” Meet & Greet at Blends Costa Mesa (Friday 9.1.17)

Check out this small video recap of last Friday’s “Waffle Lovers” event put on by Strictly Waffles and hosted by Blends Costa Mesa, while Fall Brewing provided the refreshments.  Thanks to the SW fam for coming out and supporting this dope event, and thanks to Eddie for allowing Dave and I to display some of our vintage heaters from our The Authentic Era collection.  Y’all don’t want to miss the next one!

Goodhood: A History Of Vans Interview With Henry Davies of @pillowheat #theothersideofthepillow

Goodhood recently caught up with Vans’ #1 vintage Made In USA collector/archivist, and a friend we know well, Henry, of The Other Side of the Pillow.  If you want to step up your vintage Vans game, we suggest you take a lesson or two from @pillowheat, because we do, and we’re always learning something new, and uncovering new vintage Vans all the time.  We don’t want to step on the interview, so we’ll just let you read it over on Goodhood’s site!

Hot Rod x Under The Palms x The Authentic Era – Event Recap Pics (via @solscience)


This past weekend, we teamed up with Hot Rod to put on a pop-up shop for The Authentic Era, complete with an in-store live custom printing on vintage Made In USA Vans tees.  The event was a success, and people were really liking the hats and tees that we had made for the event.  We saw a bunch of familiar faces, as well as some new ones.  A few longtime members of Under The Palms and Strictly Waffles finally were able to come out and show support, which is always nice.  We had an awesome time, and we hope to do this again.  I want to thank Bernard, and the entire Hot Rod crew for really going above and beyond for little ‘ol us.  From the designs, to the merch production, to the man hours put in to this.  I appreciate all of it, and am humbled by it.  I’m definitely not worthy.  I also want to thank Kent and Daichi from solscience for taking these cool pics of the event.  I get caught up visiting with people, that I forget to take photos.  Enjoy these pics after the jump!

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Vans Vault x Robert Williams – Release Party Recap (7.23.16)


When our friends at Vans send out the invite for a special occasion, you know we try to do our best to provide you with the same experiences that we are fortunate to have.  As a true Vans fan boy, I’ll always consider myself lucky to be a part of these things, and to be able to rub elbows and chop it up with like-minded individuals about Vans…it just doesn’t get better than that.  This was a night to celebrate Robert Williams though, and his collaboration with Vault by Vans  for Vans’ 50th Anniversary celebration, and just like I’ve done in the past, I want to take you along for the evening’s festivities as if you were there with me, like I hope most of you wanted to be.


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Erwin’s Current Vans Room


Erwin is the originator of the Vans sneaker room.  When he first joined our forum and shared photos of what he had safely locked inside of his house, we were stunned.  It’s something that takes a long time to build, and many more have replicated what he has done, and in their own tasteful way, but I just had to pay homage to our friend.  Erwin has been thinning the herd, selling off some less favored pairs, but he plans to keep most of the gems.  As you can tell, he has a thing for the Sk8-Hi.  When we were all buying Chukkas and Half Cabs, Erwin was picking up all of the rarest and coolest Sk8-Hi’s.  What blows my mind is that he managed to do this all while residing in the Netherlands.  That’s some serious dedication!  Thanks for being a part of our core community, and helping educate the new Vans collectors.  Salute!

Check out a few prior pics of what the room looked like after the jump

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UTP x The Laced Locked and Loaded Super Show (Event Recap) @lacedlockedandloaded #lacedlockedandloaded


This past Sunday, we linked up with the homies at Frank & Sons for their inaugural Laced, Locked, and Loaded Super Show.  If you aren’t from the SoCal area, or you aren’t a comic book, sports memorabilia, or toy nerd, then you probably don’t know what Frank & Sons is.  Basically, it’s the OG Triple OG place to go for all things just mentioned.  They’ve been around longer than San Diego Comic Con, and this was, and still is the place to go, to get your fix on all things collectible, and yes even sneakers!  Open every Tuesday and Saturday!  Our friend Pablo runs a booth at this show, and he, along with Frankie Z of Frank & Sons, and their team, organized one of the biggest, and best shows we’ve seen, since the Dunkxchange days.  Keep in mind, this was a grassroots effort, and the local shops, and sneaker community came out and supported them to the fullest.  I was just stoked to see someone local from my same home town area do something like this, and it was a no-brainer to be a part of it.  L.A. came to the SGV/IE for this!  The show was huge, and there was a ton of heat on display.  I knew that if I was going to join in on this, then I would have to bring out some of the best Vans to ever release.  Plus, I was representing for the Vans community that couldn’t be there.  I took quite a bit of pictures, mostly of our table, which is probably what y’all wanted to see anyways, right?  A special thanks goes out to my Tintin, and to the homie Dean for helping me out all day.  Thanks to Pablo and Frankie for the hospitality and keeping things running smoothly for everyone, and oh yeah, thanks to everyone who’s already commented on a few pics on Strictly Waffles FB group, and here’s the rest that I took.  Enjoy!

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Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue – (Late Night) Burger / Check (Video Review by @samcolt12)

Hypebeast Presents: Vans Syndicate Celebrates its 10 Years With Family and Friends (Video) #TheseDays #VansSyndicate #KnownGallery #Hypebeast

Words via Hypebeast:

“Vans Syndicate celebrated its 10-year anniversary last month, and in celebration of this significant milestone, the brand hosted a retrospective installation at Los Angeles’ Known Gallery. Take a look inside the event which features artwork, limited edition collectibles, special collaborative projects and much more — all to commemorate a decade in existence. The installation is entitled These Days: Ten Years of Vans Syndicate and many of the most notable Vans’ family and friends were there for the opening, including Shawn Stussy, Jason Dill, Tetsu Mishiyama and of course, Rian Pozzebon, Vans’ head of design and founding designer of Vans Syndicate.”

Interview: Authentic® Q&A with SoleClassics’ James Drakeford aka @mrkingjd


James Drakeford, or as we know him as MrKingJD, is that dude. Always dressed in something fresh, with a unique style as eclectic as his choice in sneakers. Being a part of the Sole Classics team sure gives him a lot of exposure to different styles, and he’s been fortunate enough to help design some of their collaborations (some unreleased as of yet), and he sat down with Authentic® to talk a little bit about himself, and how he approaches his design work. You’ll also get to see a few of his custom designed shoes from various ID programs from different brands.  Get to know our friend a little better by reading his interview over on his site!