Goodhood: A History Of Vans Interview With Henry Davies of @pillowheat #theothersideofthepillow

Goodhood recently caught up with Vans’ #1 vintage Made In USA collector/archivist, and a friend we know well, Henry, of The Other Side of the Pillow.  If you want to step up your vintage Vans game, we suggest you take a lesson or two from @pillowheat, because we do, and we’re always learning something new, and uncovering new vintage Vans all the time.  We don’t want to step on the interview, so we’ll just let you read it over on Goodhood’s site!

Red Bull Presents: The Ripple Effect S1 Ep2 | Vans (Video!)


Red Bull has this really cool video series called The Ripple Effect, where they feature different brands in the action sports world, and for episode 2 of their inaugural season, they featured our beloved Vans.  This is hands down one of the most thoroughly entertaining and knowledgeable videos about Vans’ history, their identity, and their vision.  Sit back and enjoy this 23 minute video, featuring some familiar friendly faces!

Hypebeast Interview: Christian Hosoi Reflects On Being A Part of the Vans Legacy


Hypebeast recently sat down with one of our favorite skate legends, Christian Hosoi, to reflect on his professional skateboarding career, and more specifically his role with Vans.  He’s one of the most recognizable skateboarders of all time, and it’s no surprise Vans approached him a long time ago, along with many other greats, to go out and represent the brand and be the cultural icon that he undoubtedly is.  This interview is great, and full of small stories that you’ll enjoy if you’re a fan of skateboarding history, culture, or just a fan of him.  Check it out over on Hypebeast!

How Vans tapped Southern California skate culture and became a billion-dollar shoe brand (LA Times Article)

Here’s another article about Vans and their 50th Anniversary, this time from the Los Angeles Times.  Check it out and read it from another interviewer’s perspective.

Article by Adam Tschorn of the LA Times

Happy 50th, Vans: How the iconic shoe brand born in Anaheim has kept on surviving (OC Register Article)

Steve Van Doren, himself

As we come up on Vans’ 50th Anniversary this Wednesday, Vans has been featured in a few articles around town, and Orange County’s own OC Register sat down with our friends over at Vans, to discuss the past, present, and future, and were also kind enough to get Laylan Connelly, the one who wrote the article, to reach out to me for our perspective on the brand, and how people like us represent Vans in the current sneaker collecting community.  We had a nice phone conversation, and I’m sure I rambled on a little too much, as I normally do, but it was just nice to see that she even included my part, lol!  Anyways, read the great article over on the OC Register.

Everybody’s favorite vintage Vans fanatic, @pillowheat

info via Laylan at the OC Register

Damn Daniel And Josh Appear on Ellen! (Video)


It looks like Ellen has caught wind of the “Damn Daniel” viral video, and had Daniel and Josh come on to her show to talk about it.  The high school kids are from Riverside, CA, so that probably made it a little bit easier to get them on, but the coolest part is that Ellen, known for her awesome gifts for her guests, gave Josh, the friend who took the snapchat videos of Daniel, and who’s voice deserves most of the credit for the viral clip, a brand new surfboard.  Daniel got the coolest gift of all though.  A lifetime supply of Vans shoes, thanks to Vans.  What perfect timing for the 50th anniversary of Vans!

Interview: Authentic® Q&A with SoleClassics’ James Drakeford aka @mrkingjd


James Drakeford, or as we know him as MrKingJD, is that dude. Always dressed in something fresh, with a unique style as eclectic as his choice in sneakers. Being a part of the Sole Classics team sure gives him a lot of exposure to different styles, and he’s been fortunate enough to help design some of their collaborations (some unreleased as of yet), and he sat down with Authentic® to talk a little bit about himself, and how he approaches his design work. You’ll also get to see a few of his custom designed shoes from various ID programs from different brands.  Get to know our friend a little better by reading his interview over on his site!



Hypebeast Interview: Breaking Into Vans’ Vault with Taka Hayashi


Hypebeast sat down with our favorite in-house designer at Vans, Taka Hayashi, to talk a little bit about his background, how he got connected with Vans, and what helped inspire his design aesthetic that he’s known for today.  If you’re a Taka fanboy like we are, or you’re just into sophisticated Vans, then take a little bit of time out and read his interview when you get a chance!


Highsnobiety Visits: The Other Side of The Pillow (Video Series) @pillowheat #TheOtherSideofThePillow

Highsnobiety recently visited our friend Henry Davies, owner and #1 vintage Vans curator of The Other Side of The Pillow.  We get a cool, first-hand look into his shop, and get schooled on our Vans history.  Henry has a wealth of knowledge for Vans, and without him, I don’t think Vans would have as much of a connection to their past, particularly with the designs and array of models.  The community is still small, but it’s been steadily growing, and one day I hope to make it across the pond to visit his awesome shop, but until then, we’ll just live vicariously through Highsnobiety and their Highsnobiety Visits features.

UTP Exclusive Interview: SBTG x NON Beijing – “Straight To Hell” Custom Vans

Video and photo credit:  Betaphats Studios
Some info about NOW OR NEVER


In the world of sneakers, customization has always been present. People have this need to put their personal touch on them. Sometimes it’s as simple as swapping out laces. Sometimes it’s as complex as taking apart an entire shoe, and reconstructing it with an entirely different material. There are many who are making a name for themselves in this growing custom sneaker culture, but only a handful have been able to successfully get their artistic creations reproduced by a major brand, and when you look back at all of the shoes of this genre, you have to show respect where respect’s due, and that’s with our friend here, Mark Ong, aka Sabotage. His claim to fame, is of course the Royalefam Nike SB Dunk Low aka “Sabotage Dunk”, one of my all-time favorites, but he’s also helped create some other successful releases for the likes of New Balance, DC, a custom pair of Nike’s for Kobe Bryant, and the list goes on and on. He’s always been into the punk scene, and grew up skateboarding in Singapore, so naturally, you’d think he would’ve already done some work with Vans, right? Well, no he hasn’t, and we hope that we can help get something setup for him real soon, or at least with us, on some custom project of some sort! Which leads me to our exclusive interview we have obtained with him. Being able to get closer to his roots in skate and punk rock, Mark has decided to switch his focus to Vans sneakers. He’s always worn them, but he’s sort of been loyal to the athletic sports brands that he’s been lucky to collaborate with over the years. Mark thought it was important to first reach out to the true base of Vans fans. Those who give a fuck about what he’s doing, and those who get it. Well, he’s come to the right place, and we’ve officially converted him to the dark side!


Enjoy the conversation we had a few days back, and check out the awesome video that him and NON Beijing created for this collaborative project above.

(interview starts after the jump)

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