Vans 50th Anniversary ’77 Sk8-Hi Pro Reissue LIMITED RELEASE “Cinnamon” (Video Review by @samcolt12) #goodshoez #samcolt12


Vans Vault x Pilgrim Surf + Supply – OG Authentic LX (Video Review by LBIFBACK) @akamedaniel #LBIFBACK


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Vault by Vans x DQM – “The Halves” OG Sk8-Hi LX (UTP Review!)


Last weekend had a few big releases, which was kicked off with the DQM “The Halves” Pack.  With a focus on minimalism, DQM chose to let the materials and monochromatic white and black colorways do the talking.  With premium tumbled leather throughout the shoe, these are classy as hell!  The most recognizable and unique feature on this release has to be the luxury high-fashion inspired tongue stitching.  I can’t think of another Vans shoe with this same feature.  The embossed jazz stripe is another nice subtle feature, for those less interested in repping brands and logos.  You may also have failed to notice that the toe is missing any perforations or stitching, which helps reiterate the statement that less is more.  If you’re still on the fence about these, then you better decide quickly.  Rumor has it, that the entire collection consisted of about 80 pairs total.  That’s roughly 20 pairs per style.  If that’s true, then these may not even be available anymore, so good luck!  I have to give a shout out to the homie Jesus Ayala (mayimbe181) for picking these up for me, as they were in-store only, and I can’t forget to thank Sophia from Vans DQM for making sure we were taken care of.  Thank you!

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Vault by Vans x OTH x RBW – Raised By Wolves Pack (UTP Review!)


The Vault by Vans x OTH (Off The Hook) x RBW (Raised by Wolves) collaboration drops tomorrow morning, and the homies over at OTH were kind enough to allow us to get our pairs early.  This pack is ridiculously awesome.  There are so many cool details in each shoe, and everyone likes to talk about material, and that’s where this collection shines.  It’s as if there was some sort of disagreement over how they wanted to lay out the materials on each shoe, so they came up with a compromise by inverting the suede and premium leather on the left and right feet.  This has only been done by one other Vans collabo, and that’s the Engineered Garments Classic Slip-On LX series.  These are by no means a copy-cat, as I feel there is way more going on, construction wise, with a Sk8-Hi Reissue Zip LX and an Old Skool Zip LX.  Each shoe looks absolutely perfect in it’s own right, and if these came in either mock-up, I would still buy it in an instance.  You might think that an all black colorway is getting quite tiresome, but when you focus on high end materials and minor details like the triangle stitching on the lace eye rows, the red stripe on the MTE outsole, and the dual-branding on the tongue tag and zipper pulls, then you’ve definitely got something that’s not quite so common anymore.  Each pair comes with black flat waxed laces, 3M rope laces, and white flat waxed laces.  To top off this release, each shoe comes in a heavy duty drawer box with dustbag, and there’s even a cool bottle opener key chain!  If you’re on the fence, I hope my realistic iphone pics and angles in natural outdoor lighting will help you decide if you will be copping a pair, but honestly don’t sleep.  I don’t think these will be around long.

Keep checking these sites for the release:

Off The Hook (11 AM EST / 8AM PDT)

Raised by Wolves (11 AM EST / 8AM PDT)

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Vans Vault x Gosha Rubchinskiy Era Decon LX (Aqua Sea) (Video Review by @samcolt12) #goodshoez #samcolt12

Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue – (Late Night) Burger / Check (Video Review by @samcolt12)

My Top 5 Vans Pick-Ups of 2015 #underthepalms

Top 5 Vans Pickups of 2015

It’s been a good year for Vans.  No, scratch that.  It’s been a GREAT year for Vans!  The collaborations were top-notch.  Every sub-brand had something cool to offer.  Vault by Vans pumped out a lot of epic collaborations, and Vans Syndicate finished off their first 10 years strong with some of the best retros and re-releases we never thought we’d see.  The GR collaborations were just as epic, speaking mainly of Disney and the Young At Heart collection.  It’s no surprise that Vans’ Instagram followers show more enthusiasm and response than all of the other shoe brands out there.  I always get asked to form my own list of top sneakers of the year, and for this year I wanted to share my personal 5 favorite pick-ups.  I’ve also created a little back story for each shoe, so enjoy!


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Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi x Pendleton – TH Slip-On LX (Pattern Reveal Video – @akamedaniel)

Daniel was trying to throw it out there in the world to get any checkered color combo, and what did he get?  Brown dots, damn!

Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi x Pendleton – TH Slip-On LX (Pattern Reveal Video #2 – @nu_dav)

Dave’s second pair is the light blue/brown toes with brown sides.

Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi x Pendleton – TH Slip-On LX (Pattern Reveal Video – @jcwatson)

J.C. received the brown dots with light blue/cream toe, and matching sides.