Vans Skate x Defcon – Sk8-Hi Notchback Pro (5.27.17) #defcon



While DEFCON origins remain classified, the projects stamped with their namesake speak volumes. Vans reunites with the stealth collective this spring to resurrect the Vans Sk8-Hi Notchback Pro, engineered with three new Multicam® patterns, Arid™, Tropic™, and Black™, specifically designed to reduce the visual and near-Infrared signature of a person in three distinct environments. As an ode to past projects, the Vans DEFCON Multicam® capsule comes full circle, completing the footwear outfit with new apparel fabrics originally developed for the US Army and tactical law enforcement.
DEFCON has evolved into a multifaceted study group responsible for the marketing and development of some of the leading brands in the tactical and streetwear worlds. Through both natural curiosity and fascination turned obsession, DEFCON has perfected their craft in media modifications, establishing their repute as a standalone brand.

The Vans Sk8-Hi Notchback Pro by DEFCON features:

Premium Waterproof and Flame Retardant Wolverine Pig Suede®
Water-Resistant treatment on uppers
Multicam® Nylon textiles
Dri-Lex™ moisture management linings throughout
Gusseted tongue
Military detailing from DEFCON identity to BDU specs
Vans Ultracush HD footbeds w/ custom artwork
Hesh Goat embossed heel stamp
Durable reverse lug outsole and knurled texture foxing tape

The Vans by DEFCON limited-edition footwear and apparel capsule is available worldwide on May 27 at select Vans Pro Skate dealers.


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Erwin’s Current Vans Room


Erwin is the originator of the Vans sneaker room.  When he first joined our forum and shared photos of what he had safely locked inside of his house, we were stunned.  It’s something that takes a long time to build, and many more have replicated what he has done, and in their own tasteful way, but I just had to pay homage to our friend.  Erwin has been thinning the herd, selling off some less favored pairs, but he plans to keep most of the gems.  As you can tell, he has a thing for the Sk8-Hi.  When we were all buying Chukkas and Half Cabs, Erwin was picking up all of the rarest and coolest Sk8-Hi’s.  What blows my mind is that he managed to do this all while residing in the Netherlands.  That’s some serious dedication!  Thanks for being a part of our core community, and helping educate the new Vans collectors.  Salute!

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Hypebeast Presents: Vans Syndicate Celebrates its 10 Years With Family and Friends (Video) #TheseDays #VansSyndicate #KnownGallery #Hypebeast

Words via Hypebeast:

“Vans Syndicate celebrated its 10-year anniversary last month, and in celebration of this significant milestone, the brand hosted a retrospective installation at Los Angeles’ Known Gallery. Take a look inside the event which features artwork, limited edition collectibles, special collaborative projects and much more — all to commemorate a decade in existence. The installation is entitled These Days: Ten Years of Vans Syndicate and many of the most notable Vans’ family and friends were there for the opening, including Shawn Stussy, Jason Dill, Tetsu Mishiyama and of course, Rian Pozzebon, Vans’ head of design and founding designer of Vans Syndicate.”

Vans Syndicate x 8Five2 – Sk8-Mid “S” & Old Skool “S” (Available Now!) #8FIVE2


Here’s a release that snuck in at the last minute, and was first revealed at the “These Days” 10 Years of Vans Syndicate exhibition at the Known Gallery last month.  Hong Kong’s 8FIVE2 has teamed up with Vans Syndicate to release this amazing collection to commemorate their 15 year mark.  The overall aesthetic is straight out of a 1999 Polo ad, with rich navy, red, and yellow tones, something that 8FIVE2 founder Brian Siswojo is a big fan of, as well as a lot of us older Hip-Hop heads.  We’ve been hyped about these, and it’s nice to see them finally arrive to finish off this current Syndicate run, until they are back again.  Great job 8FIVE2!!!

Pick them up here on the 8FIVE2 webshop.


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Event Recap: These Days – 10 Years of Vans Syndicate (A Retrospective) #vanssyndicate #thesedays


It’s Friday. The event we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.  At the beginning of the week, I had asked the boss if I could get off work early so that I could go to another one of my sneaker-related events. He knows I have this weird obsession with buying sneakers, and he knows I have a lot of them. That’s about as far as I get with him, before I lose his attention to some other matter of business. I’m sure this relates to many of you with your family members, friends, and co-workers. They don’t get it, and quite honestly they could probably care less. “WE GET IT. YOU LIKE SHOES. DO YOU HAVE THOSE KANYE WEST ONES?”SDoor

Well, this sneaker-related event wasn’t just any old sneaker event. In fact, it was probably the most prolific sneaker-related event I could’ve ever attended in all the years of me being into this hobby. The reason is because… Read More

Speedway Mag: Rian Pozzebon talks Ten Years of Vans Syndicate (Interview by @Farran_Golding)


As we reluctantly see the Vans Syndicate line come to an end, a few people have been sharing their own perspectives of the brand, and it’s nice to see this kind of attention being shed on the one sub-brand at Vans that was sort of the catalyst for the Vans collecting community.  We didn’t even know it yet, but we were bridging the fashion forward Vans Vault consumer, with the sneakerhead collector lining up at their local skate shops in the early morning for some coveted re-sellable release.  Over the years, as the Swoosh started to toy around with their consumers, Vans Syndicate offered up a nice alternative, and dollars started to migrate towards the “S”.  Our Vans community was growing leaps and bounds, and was starting to get some recognition.  Vans is solidified in the sneaker collecting community, and dare I say it all started with Vans Syndicate.

With that being said, Farran Golding, of Sidewalk Mag, Welcome Leeds, The Green Zine, and Speedway Mag, had a chance to catch up with Syndicate’s footwear design manager Rian Pozzebon, and ask him a few questions about the almighty “S”, like how it was created, who was integral in it’s early years, their purpose, the shoe Rian currently wears, and even an ever so slight hint at what the future holds for Vans Syndicate, or whatever it evolves into.  Head on over to Speedway Mag to read the article, and follow Farran here on Instagram and Twitter.


The One Out of Step – A Farewell Salute to Vans Syndicate by The Hundreds’ Maarten Warning (@warheadnl)


I just stumbled across this article this morning, and I must say, I had no idea there were others out there who knew as much info as my fellow Under The Palms / Strictly Vans homies, about Vans Syndicate.  I really thought we had found them all, and had hazed them into our fraternity.  I’m talking about some detailed shit, like back-story type shit.  Stuff you only hear about from original Vans Syndicate dealers, reps, and employees, as well from just personal experience early on before the Vans hype started to grow into what it is today.  Founder of Noise Magazine, Lacebag, and now an author for The Hundreds, Amsterdam-native Maarten Warning, has created the best tribute to Vans Syndicate that I’ve read so far.  Now that I think of it, it makes complete sense, as there is a pretty big “S” following in The Netherlands!  Shout out to Erwin!  Anyways, Maarten’s article goes in depth about the start of Vans Syndicate, the early collaborations, and even put together an awesome, and nearly similar to what I’d have chosen list of his 10 favorite Syndicate releases.  Please take the time out to read his article over at The Hundreds, and follow him @warheadnl on Instagram and Twitter.


Vans Syndicate 029.175 x Wtaps – Authentic “S” “Yellow Wings” (11.14.15)


pics and info via Silo:

INDEX #: 029.175
DELIVERY: 11/14/15
SIZES: 6.5-12, 13


The Vans Syndicate 10-year legacy is topped off Nov. 14 with the final anniversary release presented by longtime collaborators WTAPS. With nearly a decade’s worth of projects in Vault by Vans and Vans Syndicate lines to date, the premium Japanese menswear label brings artful craftsmanship and sophistication to the Authentic “S” model.

As part of the first-ever WTAPS Syndicate project and originally for Japan distribution only, the striking tonal yellow Authentic “S” inspires WTAPS vision for this reissue, presenting a rich mustard hue from collar to sole, balanced by a subtle repeated WTAPS “Wings” print on the canvas panel. Designed with soft suede and canvas uppers, the Authentic “S” makes its final statement with a bold yellow gum foxing tape and complimentary printed WTAPS “Wings” laces to complete the pair.

• Premium yellow pig suede and canvas uppers
• Repeated WTAPS “Wings” print on canvas panel and laces
• Yellow gum rubber foxing tape
• Signature Syndicate 10th Anniversary logos
• Vans Ultracush HD footbeds
• Vans original waffle gum sole


Second set of laces are YELLOW / FLAT.
Syndicate Dust Bag Included.
Packaged in Custom 10th Anniversary White Drawer box.

This style fits true to the new pro classic size (classic fit).

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Vans Syndicate Presents: These Days – 10 Years of Vans Syndicate (Friday 11.20.15)


We never really imagined this day coming, but as we all know all good things must come to an end at some time or another.  As so, is our beloved Vans Syndicate brand, and they’ve created a special event to celebrate the ten years of Vans Syndicate, an exhibition being put on at the Known Gallery on Fairfax.  Word is, that the complete Vans Syndicate catalog will be on display, from series 001-030.  We’ve been cordially invited to pass this invite on to all of our fellow Vans fanatics, collectors, enthusiasts, and friends, to share in this joyous occasion.  Syndicate is going out with a bang, and we hope to see each and every one of our core group members at this event, representing and sending the “S” off in style.

(I just want to mention that without Vans Syndicate, there is no way that our Vans sneaker community would have grown to the size that it is today.  From the early days, Syndicates were introduced to the same core skate shops where Nike SB was being sold, which we can agree launched the whole sneaker collecting culture into what it has become today.  Right out of the gate, Syndicate was introducing us to collaborations with artists and brands some of us have never heard of, but knew were special just purely on their level of quality.  Sturdy drawer boxes, dust bags, briefing envelopes explaining the design and story, and random accessories were all standard issue.  Sneakerheads were aware, even if they weren’t brave enough to step outside of that “narrow path” just yet.

We also need to give credit to those skate shops that really embraced Vans Syndicate, and truly understood the value and importance of it.  I can’t think of any other shop, than our good friend Brant Van Boening’s Silo, who have dedicated a lot of time and energy into making sure every single Vans Syndicate release got it’s proper shine in the spotlight.  He sought out our Vans collector community when we were still quite small, and didn’t represent much buying power to skate shops, and he made sure that we would always be taken care of, and that we would understand fully, each Syndicate release.  There’s your real advocate.  It’s insane and quite insulting to still see that he hasn’t had his very own Vans Syndicate collaboration.  Stop fucking around Vans and give this guy what he deserves!  He’ll never ask for it, himself).

*Stepping off soap box now*

Vans Syndicate x Wtaps – Authentic “S” Gold (11.14.15)


As Vans Syndicate comes to a close, at least for the foreseeable future, they are definitely going out with a bang.  They’re ending the 10 year run with one of the more recently deemed iconic models, the Wtaps “winged” Authentic, but in the ultra rare Gold colorway retro.  I say recently, because the Wtaps Syndicates, including all of the winged Authentics didn’t carry much appeal outside of the fashion forward groups who knew about the Wtaps brand.  This original version that released alongside the black and white pair, carried a “unicorn” or “holy grail” status to some, with rumors of only being samples, or Japan-exclusives, which later were debunked by a few of our OG Vans friends.  To see this colorway being chosen as the final release from Vans Syndicate, pays the ultimate respect to the brand, it’s history, and of course the collectors and Vans Syndicate fans.  They’ll be releasing in limited numbers this coming weekend, and if you don’t already have your “S” dealer on lock, then you better real fast.  Don’t expect these to last.

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