Vans – 50th Anniversary “Van Doren Approved” Collection (August 2016)


Words via Vans:

“In continuation of the brand’s 50th anniversary Vans capsule, the original action sports footwear and apparel brand launches the “Van Doren Approved” Collection, an assortment of footwear and apparel featuring heritage prints hand picked by Steve Van Doren, son of Vans founder Paul Van Doren. “I had the pleasure of creating this collection and recreating a vintage shot of me buried under the Van Doren Approved collection. Speaking to our heritage, this timeless image is inspired by a photo taken 20 years ago, which similarly brings back lots of great memories of the last 50 years of Vans. This collection honors some unique heritage prints, which date back to the ‘70s and ‘80s when this original photo was shot” recalls Van Doren. The Van Doren Approved assortment includes reissued styles with vintage graphics from the Vans archives.

 The collection channels the spirit of Vans’ DIY-beginnings with pattern-clashing and color-contrasting footwear including old school tones and unconventional swatch blocking. Legendary Vans prints such as the iconic checkerboard, the skull pirate and the aloha leaf can be found on silhouettes such as the Sk8-Hi 38 Reissue, Era 95 Reissue, Slip-On 98 Reissue and Chukka Boot 49A Reissue—in addition to an updated flying Vans logo tee, classic patch trucker hat and the Old Skool backpack.

 Originally known as The Van Doren Rubber Company, Vans opened up shop in Southern California on March 16, 1966. First Vans stores offered customers the opportunity to customize and order their shoes on-site. As a result, these vulcanized sneakers elevated creative expression to new levels, a characteristic that lives on in the brand’s DNA to this day.

 Shop the 50th Anniversary Edition Van Doren Approved Collection in-stores and online this August at

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Erwin’s Current Vans Room


Erwin is the originator of the Vans sneaker room.  When he first joined our forum and shared photos of what he had safely locked inside of his house, we were stunned.  It’s something that takes a long time to build, and many more have replicated what he has done, and in their own tasteful way, but I just had to pay homage to our friend.  Erwin has been thinning the herd, selling off some less favored pairs, but he plans to keep most of the gems.  As you can tell, he has a thing for the Sk8-Hi.  When we were all buying Chukkas and Half Cabs, Erwin was picking up all of the rarest and coolest Sk8-Hi’s.  What blows my mind is that he managed to do this all while residing in the Netherlands.  That’s some serious dedication!  Thanks for being a part of our core community, and helping educate the new Vans collectors.  Salute!

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Van Doren – Flamingo Pack (Available Now!)


Check out one of our favorite Van Doren releases for the summer, dubbed the Flamingo Pack.  Featuring an all-over vintage inspired print of Flamingos, in a mostly pink and turquoise color combination.  The pack consists of an Old Skool and an Authentic, both sitting on top of a white midsole with the standard Van Doren black foxing stripe.  These are available from the Vans webstore now by clicking on the pic above.  Support UTP!


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Van Doren – Hoffman Fabrics collection (Spring/Summer 2015)


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Words via Highsnobiety:

“Vans Classics continues the Van Doren series for Spring/Summer 2015 with this latest drop. Each season, a nod is given toward the namesake of the brand – Paul Van Doren – in the form of several resurrected fabrics from the Vans archive. This time around, Vans designers sifted through the ‘80s print archives, eventually deciding on several swatches from an old friend of Paul’s at Hoffman Fabrics. The collection is comprised of four editions, including Trop Rays, ’80s Lips, Marble and Sea Creature motifs, spread across the Sk8-Hi, Era and Classic Slip-On.”

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Van Doren – Sk8-Hi Reissue “Stars & Stripes” (Spring 2014) (Available Now!)


It’s about time the USA got a Stars & Stripes themed Sk8-Hi.  Similar renditions have released across Europe over the past few years, but with a hefty $100+ price tag.  This retro print, came right out of the early days of Vans, when they were made in the good ‘ol USA.  As with all Van Doren releases, these have been treated with that familiar enzyme wash for a vintage look and feel, and they sit on a classic white vulcanized sole with black foxing stripe.  The coolest part about these shoes are the dual-patterns, featuring the white stars on blue canvas with contrasting red jazz stripe for the outer panels, while the inner panels receive the red and white stripes with a blue jazz stripe.  It’s like two shoes in one!  These are available now from the Vans webstore by clicking on the pic above!  Support Under The Palms!

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Van Doren – Era (Holiday 2013)


Check out the latest retro patterns to come out of the Van Doren collection.  Each Era is given the all-over treatment, showcasing some of the wildest canvas patterns that Vans has ever used.  We get a duck camo pattern, a tribal pattern, as well as a navajo pattern.  Each pair sits on top of our favorite white midsole, with black foxing stripe.  Not much else to say about these, but watch for them to show up at your local Vans store soon.

info via FreshNGood

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Van Doren for Vans Vault x Disney – Retro Sneaker Collection


This release has been a long time in the making, and has been anticipated by many Vans sneaker collectors “in the know”.  Two world-famous Southern California brands, both with die-hard followers, both representing two separate cultures, but relating to most people of all ages in our region.  The information has been kept quiet pretty well, considering the magnitude of this collaboration.  I mean, anytime you work with Disney on a special project, you’d better expect a little bit of a frenzy to occur.  This past week, Vans Vault accounts have been slowly getting their pairs delivered, and perhaps it’s a good thing that there wasn’t a coordinated launch date, or announcement, so that there could be some surprise and excitement around hunting down your pair(s).  One thing’s for sure, once we posted the info up on our Instagram account, by the end of the day, we had 90 comments!  That’s a record, and most were people tagging other people, spreading the word like wildfire!  Being a Vans collector has it’s benefits at times like this, such as knowing where to find these.  We know pretty much all of the Vault accounts, so we pay close attention to them, watching for that drop info.  The Disney fans come out of the wood work with releases like this, especially here in SoCal.  I know this beast all too well, as an annual passholder, and as a former pin trader, I know the extents of what this Disneybeast will do for all things Disneyana.  We have the edge though, since this release was under Vans Vault.  They will have to search hard and travel far to find these.

Featured in the collection, are all retro models, something that is designated to the Van Doren line from Vans, and thus why this release is featured under Vault and Van Doren respectively.  Vans sourced out a few original Made in USA models, and recreated the prints that were once used on the earlier 80’s Disney Vans that some of you are familiar with.  You’ll find Mickey, Donald, and Winnie The Pooh on the Authentics, which were also made in a toddler version, which is a treat for us Vault fans, as the last time we saw this, was with the UNDFTD Hernan Era LX release, and before that, the Uniphant Authentics I believe.  Basically, buy them when they come out!!!  There’s also two Sk8-Hi Reissues, one in a blue suede with Donald print, and another in red suede with a Mickey square print.  These are dope, and all Disney fans need them!

These pics are via Proper, which just dropped theirs this past week.  Undefeated also dropped them as well, and Blends is due to drop theirs soon.  Search around hard enough, and you’ll find them!


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Van Doren – Sk8-Hi Reissue “Vanosaur” (Available now!)

Listen up all you vintage Vans enthusiasts!  The next season of the Van Doren line has just touched down, and that includes the highly anticipated Vanosaur Sk8-Hi Reissue.  We’re accustomed to seeing this print on Era’s, and Slip-Ons, but the fan favorite Van Doren series brought back this awesome retro of the original.  Done up in all black suede, with a neon vanosaur print side panel, while sitting on top of a white vulc sole, with navy foxing stripe.  Support OTWS and purchase these by clicking on the picture above!

Van Doren – “Retro Flag” Authentic (Spring 2013)


The Van Doren division pays homage to the classic patterns, and for the Spring they are bringing out these American Flag inspired Authentics.  Show your patriotism and cop yourself a pair, as the last American flag inspired Vans shoe was only released in Europe.  What the heck was up with that anyways?!  These will be out in March, so keep your eyes peeled!

info via Hypebeast

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Van Doren – Aloha Parrot Authentic (Spring 2013)


Here, we get another look at the latest shoe to release from the newly formed, and wildly successful Van Doren series.  Paying homage to the classic patterns and colorways, Vans sparks a bit of nostalgia in a lot of us, as well as introduces the newcomers to a lot of forgotten gems in the Vans lineups of yesteryear.  The Aloha Parrot graphic is a familiar one, but we get to see it in this vivid colorful mockup.  Choosing the Authentic as the base model was a smart choice, as it’s the most widely accepted model from Vans.  These may be an Authentic Slim, judging that the past Van Doren Authentics have all been slims, but there’s no official info just yet!  Anyways, Mark my words, these will be an INSTANT CLASSIC…AGAIN!  These will be out soon, so hold your horses.

pics via Hypebeast

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