How Vans Old Skools Are Made (Video)

I may have posted this a long time ago, but if you grew up watching Mr. Rogers and all those visits to factories, and then later on now in life with How It’s Made, then you’ll enjoy this video.  Thanks to Damon Stewart for posting this up in Strictly Waffles, lol.

Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi – TH Sk8 Skool LX (LBIFBACK Video Review!) #LBIFBACK

Our homie Daniel @akamedaniel aka LBIFBACK has a new video review out, on the new Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi Sk8 Skool LX in BLue Graphite.  This is a new silhouette from Taka, and it’s super dope.  Check out the video and subscribe to LBIFBACK on Youtube.

MassesMY Reviews the Vault x Our Legacy Old Skool Pro ’92 LX (Video) @massesmy #massesmy

Just wanted to share this video of Bryan Chin from Masses Malaysia, of the Vault x Our Legacy Old Skool Pro ’92 LX.  He first shared this video on the Strictly Waffles FB group, but it’s really good, entertaining, funny, and he calls the Vans models by their actual names!  Take notes all you young cats doing sneaker vids online.  Our Vans community will put you on blast for stuff like that!  Great video Bryan!

Masses Interview With Under The Palms Malaysia (from Sneakerlah)


Check out this video clip by Masses, featuring an interview by Under The Palms Malaysia’s Izam Shariman, and a few nice shots of the sneaker display that surely helped spread the word about the Vans sneaker collecting culture there in Malaysia.  I can’t translate the interview for you, but you can at least check out the cool visuals.  I can’t thank you enough Izam, for representing UTP across the Pacific!

Fear Of God – The Value Of A Shoe (Video)

Excerpt from FOG:

“What is the value of a shoe? On October 10, 2016 Jerry Lorenzo and his staff at Fear of God loaded two trucks of what were meant to be “influencer” promotional clothing and shoes, with bottles of water to hand out to Los Angeles’ homeless at Skid Row.”

Glad to see that these pairs went to the homeless, instead of a few “influencers”, but for some reason I think a bunch of people will be heading down to Skid Row looking for this gear, trying to make offers.  If you start seeing a bunch of random pairs showing up at any downtown LA consignment shops, you know where they most likely came from!

Sky Brown (8 Yrs Old) Becomes Youngest Girl To Compete In Vans US Open Pro Series #skybrown #awsmkids

Check out this little ripper Sky Brown!  8 years old to be exact, and already competing against the big girls.  There’s a ton of videos of her and her bro out there on the internet, so I’ll save you the back story.  Just wanted to show some love to her awesomeness!

Red Bull Presents: The Ripple Effect S1 Ep2 | Vans (Video!)


Red Bull has this really cool video series called The Ripple Effect, where they feature different brands in the action sports world, and for episode 2 of their inaugural season, they featured our beloved Vans.  This is hands down one of the most thoroughly entertaining and knowledgeable videos about Vans’ history, their identity, and their vision.  Sit back and enjoy this 23 minute video, featuring some familiar friendly faces!

Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi – TH Buffalo Trail LX (Simply Taupe) (Video Review by LBIFBACK @AKAMEDANIEL)

The Most Amazing 12 Year Old Freestyle Skateboarder! (Rocking Vans might I add!)


Rodney Mullen would be proud!

Vans Japan x Leader Bikes “Night Shift” Pack Teaser Video (5.13.16)

The midnight hours burn and the the streets yearn for a “Night Ride Out.” The Vans x Leader Bikes collaboration focuses on the shadows of the streets, the mystery of the midnight hour ride, who is to say you can only go out during the day. Fitted with the new reflective Vans apparel, you can be seen in the mystery of the night while out riding. No city sleeps, who knows who you could be riding with next while on a Night Ride Out.

Leader x Vans products would be available on May 13th. 2016 in Japan and May 21st. in USA.
Asia Premier tour for full movie is going to be May 13th. in Seoul, 14th. in Tokyo and 16th. in Osaka.

Film, Edit, Directed by Macaframa (Colin Arlen, Colby Elrick, Jason Rosete)
Music: BYU by VHVL