Goodhood: A History Of Vans Interview With Henry Davies of @pillowheat #theothersideofthepillow

Goodhood recently caught up with Vans’ #1 vintage Made In USA collector/archivist, and a friend we know well, Henry, of The Other Side of the Pillow.  If you want to step up your vintage Vans game, we suggest you take a lesson or two from @pillowheat, because we do, and we’re always learning something new, and uncovering new vintage Vans all the time.  We don’t want to step on the interview, so we’ll just let you read it over on Goodhood’s site!

Erwin’s Current Vans Room


Erwin is the originator of the Vans sneaker room.  When he first joined our forum and shared photos of what he had safely locked inside of his house, we were stunned.  It’s something that takes a long time to build, and many more have replicated what he has done, and in their own tasteful way, but I just had to pay homage to our friend.  Erwin has been thinning the herd, selling off some less favored pairs, but he plans to keep most of the gems.  As you can tell, he has a thing for the Sk8-Hi.  When we were all buying Chukkas and Half Cabs, Erwin was picking up all of the rarest and coolest Sk8-Hi’s.  What blows my mind is that he managed to do this all while residing in the Netherlands.  That’s some serious dedication!  Thanks for being a part of our core community, and helping educate the new Vans collectors.  Salute!

Check out a few prior pics of what the room looked like after the jump

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The Consortium Co-Lab “collecticon” (Starting Sunday 11.8.15 from 12PM – 5PM)


We are extremely excited to announce, along w/ Sole Assassins (@soleassassins), and Footage by Thecoolshoeshine (@footage_official), that we’ll be hosting a bi-monthly “collecticon” if you will we’ve named, “Consortium Co-Lab” at the new Footage Air Space (@footageairspace) located next door to the Footage Shop in Brea, CA.

We invite all collectors to come BUY, SELL, and TRADE all things collectible, such as sneakers, toys, art, records, pins, and everything in between!

Footage consignors also have the option to pay for their vendor fees or make purchases from the event using consigned items as collateral!  So join us and help create a grassroots community created by some of the biggest nerds in the game….US!

This will be an all-ages gathering every other Sunday from 12 PM to 5 PM launching on the 8th of November.  Limited tables are available, so please inquire by emailing us @  Also feel free to call the shop @ 714-757-9001 or call Ron @ 562-253-3627 w/ any additional questions.  Please follow @consortiumcolab for updates regarding the event!  See you guys there!

580 West Lambert Road Suite H Brea, CA 92821

This is the Sk8-Hi – Style #38 Exhibition in the Sneakermuseum Cologne


Words via Sneakermuseum:

“The return to icons isn’t just a trend for Vans, it’s part of the history of the almost 50 years young and original action sports brand from California.
From August 21st, Vans presents a special exhibtion in the Sneakermuseum Cologne in cooperation with the local sneaker shop The Good Will Out and the Skateboardmuseum Berlin.  The installation will be themed “This is the Sk8-Hi – Style #38” according to the Vans iconic model, which will also be the title of the event.

The exhibition opening will be celebrated in a get-together on Friday, August 21st, from 6 p.m. onwards. Cologne has always been an important center for Vans because of its skate, BMX and social culture. It’s the perfect place to pay tribute to the iconic model and to bring alive the “Van Doren spirit”. The Sk8-Hi stands for good times, festivals in the rain, parties, skate and BMX tours, plummeting and escalations, but maybe also for exam stress and presentations as well as aging and still staying young… the shoe is living culture.

In 1978 Vans designed its first high top lace-up shoe under the lead of Paul van Doren: Style#38, to be known later as the Sk8-Hi. The new silhouette took the functionality in BMX and skateboarding to a new level as the shoe covers the ankle, the most affected body part of skaters and BMX riders. Not only did the Sk8-Hi bring progress in performance, but it also introduced a new look to the era. Established for generations in the action sports culture the Sk8-Hi has become an icon of the worldwide fashion and streetwear culture. Collaborations with Metallica, KISS, The Prodigy, The Beatles and Disney as well as designs by street wear fashion designer Wtaps, Stüssy or Supreme are just a couple of highlights in Sk8-Hi’s history. Till today the Sk8-Hi is part of the Core-Classics line that expresses what Vans stands for: classic & timeless! On show at the exhibition, will be ‘never seen before’ version of the Sk8-Hi, highlighting its rich heritage.

Curator Jürgen Blümlein from Skateboardmuseum Berlin, as well as collector Henry Davies from THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PILLOW in London will pass on their knowledge of the brand and will be available for interviews on the opening day. This exhibition is free entry”.

Opening vernissage

Friday, August 21st 2015 from 6pm
Jülicher Strasse 14
50674 Cologne, Germany

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Highsnobiety Visits: The Other Side of The Pillow (Video Series) @pillowheat #TheOtherSideofThePillow

Highsnobiety recently visited our friend Henry Davies, owner and #1 vintage Vans curator of The Other Side of The Pillow.  We get a cool, first-hand look into his shop, and get schooled on our Vans history.  Henry has a wealth of knowledge for Vans, and without him, I don’t think Vans would have as much of a connection to their past, particularly with the designs and array of models.  The community is still small, but it’s been steadily growing, and one day I hope to make it across the pond to visit his awesome shop, but until then, we’ll just live vicariously through Highsnobiety and their Highsnobiety Visits features.

Van Doren for Vans Vault x Disney – Retro Sneaker Collection


This release has been a long time in the making, and has been anticipated by many Vans sneaker collectors “in the know”.  Two world-famous Southern California brands, both with die-hard followers, both representing two separate cultures, but relating to most people of all ages in our region.  The information has been kept quiet pretty well, considering the magnitude of this collaboration.  I mean, anytime you work with Disney on a special project, you’d better expect a little bit of a frenzy to occur.  This past week, Vans Vault accounts have been slowly getting their pairs delivered, and perhaps it’s a good thing that there wasn’t a coordinated launch date, or announcement, so that there could be some surprise and excitement around hunting down your pair(s).  One thing’s for sure, once we posted the info up on our Instagram account, by the end of the day, we had 90 comments!  That’s a record, and most were people tagging other people, spreading the word like wildfire!  Being a Vans collector has it’s benefits at times like this, such as knowing where to find these.  We know pretty much all of the Vault accounts, so we pay close attention to them, watching for that drop info.  The Disney fans come out of the wood work with releases like this, especially here in SoCal.  I know this beast all too well, as an annual passholder, and as a former pin trader, I know the extents of what this Disneybeast will do for all things Disneyana.  We have the edge though, since this release was under Vans Vault.  They will have to search hard and travel far to find these.

Featured in the collection, are all retro models, something that is designated to the Van Doren line from Vans, and thus why this release is featured under Vault and Van Doren respectively.  Vans sourced out a few original Made in USA models, and recreated the prints that were once used on the earlier 80’s Disney Vans that some of you are familiar with.  You’ll find Mickey, Donald, and Winnie The Pooh on the Authentics, which were also made in a toddler version, which is a treat for us Vault fans, as the last time we saw this, was with the UNDFTD Hernan Era LX release, and before that, the Uniphant Authentics I believe.  Basically, buy them when they come out!!!  There’s also two Sk8-Hi Reissues, one in a blue suede with Donald print, and another in red suede with a Mickey square print.  These are dope, and all Disney fans need them!

These pics are via Proper, which just dropped theirs this past week.  Undefeated also dropped them as well, and Blends is due to drop theirs soon.  Search around hard enough, and you’ll find them!


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Vans Vintage Collector Exhibition at House of Vans Berlin (Recap)


words via Highsnobiety:

“Vans Europe showcased a collection of vintage footwear and apparel representing the brand’s 47 year history this week as part of the House of Vans Berlin takeover during fashion week. The exhibition was a compilation of the personal collections of the Skateboard Museum’s Jürgen Blümlein, The Other Side of the Pillow’s Henry Davies and longtime Vans collaborator/artist Dimitri Coste.

Over 200 pairs of original shoes dating back to 1966 were on display with an illustrated timeline of the company. Highlights included a pair of recently discovered shoes thought to date back to the first few months of production at the original Vans factory in Orange County, classic ‘80s canvas prints and a few oddities including clown shoes in Vans iconic checkerboard.”

On a side note:  Perhaps if Vans were to ever put on an exhibit like this, here in the states, (preferably Southern California, where I’m from!), then hopefully they will reach out to us here at OTWS to curate our own Vans exhibition.  We are fellow Vans addicts, like OTWS advocate Dimitri, and Wayne and Henry from The Other Side of the Pillow, and follow along in their same footsteps, and although our collections aren’t as vintage as theirs, we represent the next generation if you will, of Vans collectors, with many rare pairs.  Just sayin’.  Hit us up if we can help you, and feel free to utilize our vast collection!

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Vintage Vans – Made in USA “Tribal/Picasso” Era (vintage pickups!)

Check out my latest eBay score.  A pair of men’s sz8 US vintage “Made in USA” Era’s in an all-over Picasso-esque or tribal print.  These appear to be an early 80’s pair, due to the shape they’re in, and the colors chosen.  I could be wrong, but there’s not much info to go off of.  I would gladly appreciate it if someone could shed some ligh on these!  Most of the 70’s Vans were made using white vulcanized rubber, and the black pairs didn’t start to show up until the 80’s.  The only thing we know is that they’re Made in the USA!  Enjoy the pics, and I hope to find more pairs in the future! -Guamstyles

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Vans – Serio Vintage Runners (owned by Tim @UNIVbrand)

Check out these awesome vintage Vans Serio’s, owned by Tim, owner of UNIV.  He said he found them at a shop in the UK, about 12 years ago, possibly theothersideofthepillow?  Hehe, not sure, but these are becoming more rare to find these days.  I haven’t seen a pair pop up on eBay in a few months now, especially not in such as good a condition as these.  Enjoy a few more pics after the jump!

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Style Profile: “Vintage” Vans Style #37 (by theothersideofthepillow @pillowHeat)

This is sort of one of those “keep you up to date” posts.  OTWS has been doing it’s thing for a few years now, but as you can imagine, being that we’re a pretty centralized site, focusing on just Vans, the early newcomers and members were those in the know, and those who might call themselves fanatics.  Case in point, OTWS friend Wayne, who owns and operates a shop across the pond in the UK called “The Other Side of the Pillow”.  Wayne searches out all things vintage.  With a knack for digging up vintage gold, he comes across rare eyeglasses, clothing, and you guessed it, Vans.  His collection of rare, and non-existent “Made in the USA” Vans and Van Doren Rubber Co. sneakers are astonishing.  And he keeps finding more!!!  Vans are so simple to make, and the styles are as such, that they can pump out endless designs, limited runs, collaborations, and rare exclusives, as if they were printing t-shirts.  This is what makes collecting Vans so fun, and in his case, vintage Vans.  There are so many out there, that there’s almost no way of documenting every single pair.  There’s always going to be pairs that we don’t know about, or have never seen.

I wanted you newer followers and members of OTWS to meet this fellow, and check out what he’s got going on, because there’s nobody else doing what he does.  He’s the link to the past that we don’t have with Vans, and hopefully some of you enjoy and appreciate what he does.  Some people only wear the “Made in the USA” Vans, and hopefully he can help you source whatever it is you’re looking for.  Had a pair as a kid that you can’t find?  Check him out, and see if he can help!

Wayne recently wrote up an article, regarding the Style #37, which was originally designated for the shoe we know as the Mid-Skool ’77.  Turns out, that style# had a little bit of an identity crisis throughout the years, and somehow it got mixed up with a Native American, and the Sk8-Mid.  It’s a pretty neat story, so go and check it out over on his site, and while you’re there, click around, and see some of his older posts, and check out what he’s currently got for sale.  You might find something you like!  Keep up the great work Wayne, and I hope you get a few new followers from this post!

Check out the story on the Vans Style #37  -> HERE.