Complex Mag: Jon Warren’s 25 Favorite Vans Sneakers of All Time

Complex Mag is known for their top-whatever lists, and they’ve just published one that hits close to home for us Vans fanatics.  They were able to get together with Jon Warren and have him knock out his top 25 Vans sneakers of all time.  As I started reading through his picks, I soon realized that I had almost every pair he was naming off, and he was even being specific with colorways of certain models!  But yeah, I’m sure if he wasn’t the head of footwear design over at Vans, he would be a fellow OTWS member, since his favorites are among most of ours as well.  You’ll find a few Syndicates, Supremes, Vaults, Band series, and even a few GR classics sprinkled throughout this limited list.  Head on over to Complex to read the article, and hear why he chose each and every shoe.  It’s a great read!

See the article here!!!

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