Dimitri Coste: Intersection magazine shoot in Monaco

We haven’t heard much from OTW lately, but OTW advocate Dimitri Coste has been keeping busy, by shooting an 8-page layout for Intersection, the auto sports themed magazine, on location in Monaco.  I’ve always wondered how this guy was able to afford his massive Vans sneaker collection.  If you recall, he has the largest known Vans collection in the world, and he was featured in the Vans “Stories of Sole” book, that was sold at every Vans store.  The shoot featured the Venturi concept vehicle, and French actress Pom Klementieff, as well as tons of other rich guy toys.  This video was more of a commercial for Intersection, but because it was conducted by Dimitri, we had to represent.

info via Vans OTW

Intersection x Venturi Antarctica x Pom Klementieff from Remi Ferrante on Vimeo.

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