Highsnobiety interview with Steve Van Doren

Highsnobiety sat down with Mr. Steve Van Doren, the face of Vans today, while at the Vans Downtown Showdown Amsterdam event.  They discuss briefly, the history of Vans, his involvement since day one, working with his dad, and he also shares a similar wish as I, to have Vans create special requests, and custom “bring your own fabric” one-offs here in the states, like they did up until 94.  Imagine that?!  People would go nuts.  There’s a market for it now, with all the iD programs, and since it used to all be done here in Santa Ana, CA, we know it can be done.  It must have something to do with the environment or something!  Vans, look into that!!!  Anyways, check out the interview over on Highsnobiety!

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