Highsnobiety Visits: The Other Side of The Pillow (Video Series) @pillowheat #TheOtherSideofThePillow

Highsnobiety recently visited our friend Henry Davies, owner and #1 vintage Vans curator of The Other Side of The Pillow.  We get a cool, first-hand look into his shop, and get schooled on our Vans history.  Henry has a wealth of knowledge for Vans, and without him, I don’t think Vans would have as much of a connection to their past, particularly with the designs and array of models.  The community is still small, but it’s been steadily growing, and one day I hope to make it across the pond to visit his awesome shop, but until then, we’ll just live vicariously through Highsnobiety and their Highsnobiety Visits features.

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