Jason Jessee x Sea Glow restoration pt.1

So a few weeks ago I posted up my Syndicate x Jason Jessee 003 Sk8-Hi’s that had some severe yellowing from being on display at FCLA, under their lights display, and most likely from direct exposure to sunlight and air over a long period of time.  The Vans are located near the front of the door by the way, at this location.  Anyways, I finally got around to picking up some Sea Glow, and I’ve seen this stuff work its magic a number of times, through various write-ups over on Jordan restoration threads, and well, this was my last resort.  I’ve already cleaned them up the best I could, and removed most surface oxidation via Jason Markk, the best sneaker cleaner on the market.  SoCal native, too!  What’s up man?!  The application is simple, but per the instructions (and toxic odor), be cautious, and use gloves with this stuff.  I first decided to mask off my shoe, cause I am not meticulous with applying things, but I am very mechanical, and this is the easiest method for me.  I first used their scotch-gard pad to apply the soap-like solution, and a paper towel, also per their instructions, but I feel that after a few wipe downs, and scrubs with the scouring pad, it’s probably easiest to reapply with a paintbrush.  Keep reapplying as you let the shoe sit out in the sun.  It doesn’t dry up, but it doesn’t look really wet either.  The sun and the Sea Glow really do work together.  Do it on a bright day.  I also set it on a yellow microfiber towel, and the color also helps reflect some of that light on to the Sea Glow treated soles, and I covered the rest of the shoe from the sunlight, since I obviously know what damage it can do!  After the jump, you can see all of the pics, in the order that they were took.  At the end of the day, when the sun went down, and the white balance wouldn’t be affected so much, I took comparison shots again, with the unharmed pair right beside it.  It’s already looking good, and I am crossing my finger, I can get it even better!  Wish me luck.

Click here for the first post, where I had just cleaned them up, but before the Sea Glow treatment.

more pics after the jump

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