Jason Jessee x Sea Glow restoration pt.3 (final outcome)

So on day 3, I had a full day of sunshine, with not a cloud in the sky.  This day saw the most dramatic change, and I think I am going to call it quits here.  I honestly don’t think I can get it any whiter, due to the aging of the rubber.  I keep trying to compare it to the other shoe, which is in brand new condition still.  If not held up to the other pair, I don’t think anyone would notice, especially after these get a little dirty from wearing them.  Perhaps, I can try to age the other pair?  Naw, I better not!  After the jump, I will list all of the final shots I took, in all different types of lighting, to show the difference in whiteness.  In some lights, it stands out more, but in direct sunlight, you can hardly tell.  What do you think?

In indoors natural tungsten light:

In outdoor fluorescent light at night time:

In outdoor natural sunlight (the way I take most of my pics)

more pics after the jump

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