Kanye West wearing Vans Vault x Ludwig Van 30’s Nostalgia Era’s!

What?!  Is that really Kanye rockin’ the rare Ludwig Van 30’s Nostalgia Era’s?!?  This is what all of us Vans collectors have been waiting to see.  Finally, some due credit for Mike Dytri’s Deadstock project!  With the rarity, and entire concept behind the Vault x Ludwig Van Deadstock project, I hope Kanye knows just how dope these Vans are.  Us collectors know, and now, so will the readers of Dresslikekanyewest.com, which is where I received word of this information.  They also utilized OTWS to help explain a little bit about the shoe, and to provide our detailed pics.  It’s all good, and they even linked back to us, so that should help us get a few more readers!  The right information is always better than just some made up stuff.  If more celebrities start to learn about Vans Vault, and Syndicate, and every other rare project of Vans, then it will be good for those of you who are sitting on a lot of deadstock, but it will suck for future releases!

Thanks to Kanye’s assistant art director, Virgil Abloh for the pics!

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