L.A. Lakers’ Steve Nash rockin’ them Syndicate x W)Taps Sk8-Hi “Burgundy Bones”

I woke up this morning to some awesome news, that one of the Los Angeles Lakers’ newest members, Steve Nash, was rockin’ some straight up Vans heat last night on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!  How cool is that?  I mean, celebs are seen rocking your typical GR sneaker, here or there, and possibly even a clean looking model, such as a CA or Vault release, but Syndicates?!  C’mon son!  These things were a straight up mission if you weren’t in the know when they originally released, and they sure as hell aren’t just sitting on shelves at your local skate shop.  Most sneaker boutiques don’t even carry Syndicates, and the only ones on their stylist’s radar would be Supreme, Supreme, or Supreme.  Mad props to Mr. Nash, on rocking some truly respected Vans right here.  Justin Timberlake was probably like “where can I get those, dawg?”

pics via RIF‘s Instagram, and another person’s which I’ve credited on Instagram.

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