LXVI – Classic Lites Collection (Fall 2014)


The LXVI collection has been around for a little over a year now, and well, it’s been a rough start to say the least.  There was some confusion in the beginning, as to who this collection was for.  It was released exclusively at Foot Locker, and the majority of the shoes were unfamiliar new models, which seemed to underperform with the action sports kids, and weren’t very durable.  Well, come to find out, it was supposed to be more of an “action sports spectator” shoe.  Huh what?  Yeah, it was a lifestyle project of some sort.  Ohhhh, okay!  Well, fast forward a year later, and I think LXVI is on the right track with these new renditions of our familiar classics.

Here’s what Highsnobiety wrote about these:

“LXVI’s latest innovation re-engineers Vans Classics using modern construction methods to focus on improved fit, increased overall comfort and weight reduction. While each style maintains its original, unforgettable aesthetic, the result boasts a completely new fit and feel thanks to functional features such as Vans’ unique ActionFit last shape and UltraCush Lite sole unit”.

So basically, Vans is being true to themselves by sticking to their classic design, while offering up a casual version for those of us who don’t skate or shred up our shoes on the daily!  This is something that we can all welcome and embrace into our Vans community!  Word on the streets is that these are super comfortable, and you can go all day in these.  Vans should hook it up with a wear-test sample!  Just kidding, I don’t ask for stuff…but I do gladly accept it, lol!  Go out there and try a pair on everybody, and report back here!

vans-lxvi-fall-2014-classic-lites-collection-07-960x640vans-lxvi-fall-2014-classic-lites-collection-05-960x640more models and colorways after the jump

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