LXVI – Sk8-Hi Lite (Spring 2015)


pics via Hypebeast

Vans has done a good job of figuring out what to do with the LXVI line.  They wanted to target an action sports “spectator” demographic, and they put out a lot of new designs, in the form of trainers, hiking boots, and casual sneakers, but it looks like they found a happy medium that might just be their future bread and butter.  They’ve incorporated the newer Ultra Cush soles with the classic silhouettes that we all know too well.  Keeping at least one Sk8-Hi, Authentic, or Old Skool in your current rotation is a must, and once you get your hands (and feet) on a pair of these new “Lite” pairs, you may just put your other pairs to rest.  They’re light, they’re flexible, they’re soft, and they look just like your originals.  Might I even add that they start to wear in the same manner, but the soles last a bit longer which is a common issue we will always deal with, with our beloved Vans vulcanized rubber soles.  For the Spring, Vans has revamped the Sk8-Hi Lite in a premium perforated leather version, which looks eerily similar to a California version that came out a few years back.  They’re perfect, and you can get them now by clicking on the pic above.

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