I’ve been a follower of Nikki S.’s blog, OffTheWall, for about a year now, ever since our former site went down, and she always has amusing Vans related items to post up.  I’ve never contacted her before, but hopefully she will take notice of our community, and will help spread the word about us.  She works in the marketing dept. of Vans, from what I’ve read on her blog, and it’s nice to see another side of the Vans community, other than the skate/streetwear side of the business, which we tend to show more interest in.  I wanted to show you these dope cookies that a friend of hers had made, of little OTW skateboard logos.  After drooling over these, then head on over to her blog to check out the most random, and coolest Vans related stuff you’ve ever seen!  Give us a shout out Nikki, if you’ve read this! – Guamstyles.

info via OffTheWall

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