My Top 5: Vans Projects of 2011 by DJ Guamstyles (exclusively on @FOODWITHSOLE)

My friend, and cousin of one of my good friends that I grew up with, runs a site called FOOD WITH SOLE.  You may also know of him by that same name.  He’s a real cool homie, and I like what he’s got going on over on his site.  He’s figured out a way to incorporate two things we can’t deny we all love, and that’s the love of sneakers, and the love of food.  When everyone runs a copy and paste blog these days, including us to some extent, it’s nice to see some unique, original ideas still out there.  When he came to me with the idea of being a part of his “My Top 5” ongoing features, I was honored and was willing to jump on board right away.  Honestly, I had already picked my top 5 releases for 2011 on our own OTWS forum, so the hard part was out of the way…or so I thought.  I began understanding that I was going to be repping us here at OTWS, and I knew that some of my personal choices weren’t the same as the rest of the members.  I made a few adjustments, and came up with a more well rounded selection, that represented our general consensus.  I’m satisfied with my choices, and I hope you’ll all agree, or at least understand my picks.  Do me a favor, and go check out my article, and after that, leave a comment to discuss your opinions, or to share your top 5.  Be sure to add to your favorites, and add him on twitter.  I know he’s got a lot more in store for all of us!

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