New Technology: Vans Waffle Cup Soles

Leave it up to Vans to engineer skateboarding’s very first vulcanized cupsole.  A new breakthrough for skating, as every skater wants the board feel that a standard Vans vulcanized sole gives, but they also don’t want to shred their pair in about a week.  They also want comfort, and let’s face it, Vans aren’t your grandpa’s fancy walking shoes, and a removable sockliner can only help so much.  Vans thought they had that figured out in the 80s, by switching to a cupsole design.  While they tackled the wear issues, and comfort, they inherently lost that crucial board feel with their skate shoes.  Well, after years of skaters having to just deal with tossing out fairly new pairs of Vans vulcanized shoes, they can proudly say that they’ve come up with a happy medium, and I think this is going to be a great thing.  They’ve come up with a new design that combines the new age cupsoles, with a vulcanized outer rubber, that gets attached to the shoe in the same old fashion that Vans has always done it, by baking it.  You know what? Just watch the damn video already!  It’s pretty entertaining!

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