New Vans @Silostore – Chukka Lows galore, a Chauffer, and a TNT5.

Check out the latest Vans to arrive at Silo.  Three Chukka Lows, a Chauffer from Vans Surf, and a TNT5.  Check out the awesome blue pair of Chukka Lows that stands out among the rest, and peep pics of the other models after the jump.  If you’re interested in purchasing, hit up Brant, of Silo at (308) 395-8987, or PM him on our forums.  He goes by “silokinesis“.

(For those of you who don’t know, Brant, owner of Silo in Grand Island, Nebraska, is our most helpful, and valuable OTWS member!  Always willing to track down a pair of Syndicates for us, and restocking on all of the popular models that other shops just can’t push through their retail outlets.  If it’s out there, he’ll find it for you!  Thanks brotha!)

more pics after the jump

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