Offthewallsite & Yojie Japanese Fondue Present: Waffurusōru ワッフルソール – “An artistic exhibition of Vans sneaker culture”


Offthewallsite and Yojie Japanese Fondue Diamond Bar are proud to present: Waffurusōru ワッフルソール – “An artistic exhibition of Vans sneaker culture”.  Waffurusōru is the Japanese word for wafflesole, giving a nod to both Yojie, and our favorite iconic brand of sneaker.  We will be collaborating and educating, through artwork, rare Vans items, as well as some of our favorite Vans sneakers.

We’ve also reached out to some of our closest friends in our beloved industry, to support us in our first major collective.  Some with product, some with their valuable time, and some with helping us find artists to fill the walls at Yojie Japanese Fondue in Diamond Bar.  We will announce names of our supporters as we get things etched in stone, and we know what each can help us with.  We’re greatly appreciative of this effort, and we will bring the best art show to the San Gabriel Valley/Orange County, that we know how to.  The response so far has been amazing, and all I can say is stay tuned for some epic shit.  (Fun Fact: The start date is 6/6, which as most of you know, is iconic with Vans.  We picked that date before we even made that connection.  Mindblown, lol.)

The exhibition will run for 1 month from June 6th 2013, thru June 27th, 2013.


If you’re an artist looking to contribute to our show, please click on the banner on the right side of our website, to see our artist call for the show.

If you’re a supporter of OTWS and want to contribute a cool piece of Vans history, or a rare artifact, then email both, and I at




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