OTW Fam news!

What the heck did I get myself into?  Hehe, that’s what I keep thinking every day, when I visit my OTWS Dashboard.  The reincarnation of OffTheWallSite is about a month old now, after the old homie RAF shut it down over a year ago (get at me RAF, where you at?!?), and I’d say it’s been growing at a steady pace.  We’ve ran into a few bumps in the road, but nothing major…yet…and I don’t expect that to end any time soon, either!  I guess it comes with the territory of trying to be a stubborn person, who wants to do everything themselves without help, but in the end, realizes that it just won’t happen without some support.  I’ve managed to move the blog from a free wordpress account, to an actual paid webhost, where I can fully customize the entire blog, and integrate a forum, which is starting to take off, after a few mess ups on my part, with forum permissions.  For almost a month now, we’ve been blocking content to visitors, but after someone decided to bring it to my attention, it is now fixed.  I’ve also managed to get some of the OTW Fam to take on Admin duties for me, and a special shout out goes to Joshua “Skorone” for stepping up, and creating content in the forums, and making sure shit is in check!  Thanks homie.  Another big shout out, goes to Carlos “SolexLife“, for providing his web design skills, which we are patiently waiting on.  No rush, I really appreciate charity work, and I’ll kick down whatever I can, whether it’s in shoes, or paypal donations, or whatever!  We’ll figure it out soon homie!  I’ve also been working on trying to keep up to date with all of the Vans info that’s been coming out.  My information is off sometimes, but that’s okay, at least it’s out there.  As soon as new knowledge comes out, I always edit my info.  Keep me posted as well, on the forums, for any mistakes, or suggestions that you may have.  Don’t be afraid to join our Vans community, it’s going to get bigger, so why not say you were part of it from day one?!  As people get more and more frustrated with the way the “other” brands start to mess around with their customers, the more they will be looking for new communities, and new brands, and this is where we come in.  Vans are timeless, they’ve been around forever, and there’s something for everybody.  From the avid sneakerhead, who has to have that rare 1 of X many made, to the low-key, regular guy, who wears the standard classics every day, to the women, and girlies, who want that special unique style, that Vans is known for.  You’re all welcome here, and we’ll all learn from each other!  Peace out everybody! -Guamstyles

P.S. – Check out the Web Store, for a few new items that have just been added.  I’ll be looking to add a few more items in the next week or so, so please check back in again!  These are all Vans kicks that I am selling, from my own various finds.  This is sort of like my outlet, to make money for the site, until I can pull some advertisers.  Thanks for supporting the website, forum, and entire Vans community!

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