OTWS – Series 5 “OTWS ARMY” Pocket Tee



We here at OFFTHEWALLSITE are proud to bring to you, our latest design for our ongoing capsule t-shirt collection.  This time we have three colorways available, each printed on a nice pocket tee.  Everyone loves pockets!  Available in the standard black/white that we always do, but we figured the white/navy and heather/burgundy versions would do quite nicely as well, being that Summer is right around the corner.  Match these up with your favorite pair of W)Taps!  For this release, we went with …an Americana theme, getting inspiration from a war veteran’s tattoo, and their seemingly common lifestyle of being a biker.  They represent community, as does OTWS, so it just felt like a good idea, so we ran with it.  We kept it pretty simple, but precisely executed.  From the weight of the strokes, to the font layout, to the color combos.  No details were overlooked.  We’ve even gone as far as to print inner size tags, for that finishing touch.  We’ve created something we’re proud of, and we hope you’ll support us by giving us an awesome pre-order.

Each tee will be $20 + $5 shipping inside the US, and $18 anywhere else in the world.  For multiple tees, just add to the cart, and it will create a discount for orders of more than one.  We’ll run the pre-orders til Sunday, June 3rd.  After 12 AM midnight, pre-orders will close, and the price will go up to $25.  Tee’s will be ordered Monday June 4th.  We’re expecting to have the tees printed and ready to ship within 2 weeks, so hopefully around the week of June 18th, we will get them out to you.  We’ll keep you posted.



About the artist:

The graphics and overall design are all the works of my long time acquaintance (since high school!), and recent friend, Dennis Padua, creator and owner of a few labels you may have heard of, such as Ek5obition clothing, and LazyWORK.  Super Cr3w wore his designs on season 2 of ABDC, and there’s even been a spotting of one of his works on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.  If you’re a sneaker head who’s been into it for awhile, then you may remember his wildly popular, “SNEAKS & BEATS” tee that is still talked about ’til this day.  He’s also got a few freelance designs out there that you may not know that you’re wearing, like tees from the infamous RIF.LA of Little Tokyo, in Los Angeles, CA.  That “Black Mamba 24” snake tee you copped there…yeah he created it, and Nike “borrowed” it.  Some Nike designer made their deadline off of his hard work!  Anyways, I’m just glad I was able to talk him into doing some work for us, and hopefully he doesn’t get so busy that he can’t throw a few more designs our way in the future!  If not, at least you can say that you owned a tee from the next potential “Taka Hayashi”!


Domestic Shipping

1 tee:  $6

2 tees:  $10

3 tees:  $14

4-6 tees:  $21

7+ tees:  $30

International Shipping

1 tee:  $18

2-3 tees:  $33

4-5 tees:  $40

6-8 tees:  $55

9+ tees: $100

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