OTWS shoutouts on RIF LA blog!

I stopped into RIF LA today, because I happened to be in the area eating lunch with my sister.  I wish I could get out to their spot more often, because they always have amazing in store deals that I read about on their infamous blog.  It’s also fun to see all the people that I know on their blog, and fellow OTWS members who either hang out there, or work there.  I mentioned to Jeff who just so happened to be wearing one of his 12 pairs of Syndicate 003 W)Taps Chukkas, that I run the OTWS blog.  Actually, I didn’t say it like that, because I didn’t start OTWS, I just resurrected it!  It was always there, it just so happened to recreate itself through other forums, as member groups.  I just felt we needed our own spot back, and it’s been steadily growing ever since.  The core members contribute, and we all keep things running smoothly as possible.  Anyways, Jeff has mentioned OTWS on the RIF Blog, so a big big big thank you goes out to him for that.  I also had my pic taken, which kinda makes me feel weird because I don’t like taking them!  Some of you may know me from a few forums here and there, but in person, I introduce myself as Bill, or Billy…but now there’s a face to go with “DJ Guamstyles”.  You’ve probably seen me lined up with you at a sneaker release, most of the time, with my girl Tintin, cause we always go together, but now you can put a face to a “screenname”.

By the way, stickers and Tees are due out soon, and if you haven’t purchased a tee, designed by our OTWS fam member Crisone, aka CrisUno, then tomorrow the 29th, is the last day to purchase this release.  Many more are to come, but this one’s a must cop!  Get info on how to purchase, here.  This spotlight on the RIF blog should help us gain more traffic, and more members, and I’ll be watching the site traffic over the next few days!  Once again, thanks to the homie Jeff, and the fine peeps over at RIF LA!

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