OTWS Survival Cord Keyfob W/Carabiner (3 colors available!)


Durable, hand-made keychains, braided from 550 paracord in the same color combos as our OTWS ARMY tees.  A perfect match.  Each one measures approx. 7.5″ fully laid out, from clip to keyring.  It easily… clips to your rear side belt loop, and your keys can either dangle or tuck into your rear pocket.  Made from two 4 ft. lengths of 550 paracord, for a total of 8 ft. of usable cord when untied.  Not just a fashion statement, but a tool as well.  Always be prepared!

Available in 3 “OTWS ARMY Tee” matching colorways: Black/White, White/Navy, and Heather/Burgundy

$12 each + $5 shipping if ordered alone, but free when added to any other purchase!  International shipping is $18, or free when added to another purchase.

(For those of you who already placed your OTWS ARMY tee orders, and would like this added to your order, then email or contact me through email, or Twitter @djguamstyles, and I will send you a payment request for the total of accessories you want.)

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