Quintin Co. x Offthewallsite – Trucker Hat (+ Summer 2013 Quintin Co. Preview!)


You know, when I first brought OTWS back from the dead a few years ago, I never imagined where it would be now, but I guess when you believe in something, and are passionate about it, then the authenticity naturally follows, as well as some recognition.  Recognition can come in many forms, and long-time Offthewallsite supporter, Todd Shimabuku, has always recognized us and done stuff for us, before we grew to a 1,000 hit average per day site.  That’s small peanuts, I know, compared to the mega blogs, and their insatiable thirst for readers, but what we lack in general readership, we make up for in core enthusiasts.  Vans heads know where to go, to get the most current, AND CORRECT Vans related news.  Todd, and the In4mation guys must know this, because why else would they even care to give us an ounce of their time?  Well, Todd has been busy at work, as Quintin Co.’s U.S. Sales Manager / Assistant Director, and he’s thrown us a freakin’ bone here, by generously asking the Quintin Co. guys if they could come up with something for us, and after a few logo swaps back and forth, they’ve came up with a pretty sick trucker hat with our Eagle/Anaconda “OTWS ARMY” logo, infused with their logo, and I’m delighted to share the mock-ups for y’all.

Actually, this post is more about showing some love back, and spreading the news about their Summer 2013 collection, and the trucker hat will most likely be a friends and family edition, but who knows, perhaps if we get our sh*t together this year, maybe we can do another one, that we can release to the masses!  So take some time, and check out what they got coming up for the Summer, and support a brand like Quintin Co., who make some of the most legit designs in the industry, and who collab with some of the heaviest hitters out there right now…and some small fries like us!  We’re totally blessed.  Thank you Quintin Co., and thank you Todd for being our big brother!

some words from QuintinCo:

“With the same clean lines you have come to expect from the Quintin brand. They are back with their Summer 2013 collection featuring bucket hats, button up’s, shorts and t’s. Pay attention to this brand in the future as we feel that their is a lot more up their sleeves. The line is now available at their online store as well as at Quintin stockists world wide.”


more pics after the jump

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