Pickups: DJ Guamstyles’ Sample Syndicate Olson V-79 “S”

The Vans info has been a little slow lately, so you know what that means! Time for another feature on an OTWS fam’s recent pickup. This week, it’s something that I came across recently.  I’ve seen them before, but never paid much attention to them.  They’re a sample pair of Syndicate V-79 “S” shoes, which was part of the Steve Olson pack from the 008 Syndicate series. This pair is not very well known, but it should’ve been released if you ask me. It has a black and gray checkerboard pattern, that is covered in a nylon mesh netting, so that you can still make out the said pattern. These have a black toecap, compared to the white that was on the released version, and there is a snakeskin strip on the heel, in the same material found on the HUF snakeskin Chukka. These are unreleased samples, which means they are indeed a rare find! What do you think of these? Should Vans have released this pair alongside the others in the Olson series?

more pics after the jump

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