Rest In Peace: James Van Doren – Vans Co-Founder

Brother, to Paul Van Doren, and uncle to Steve Van Doren, James Van Doren passed away on October 12th, at the age of 72.  He co-founded the Van Doren Rubber Company back in 1966, which later went on to become our beloved Vans brand that it is today.

Here’s a few nice words from Hypebeast:

“When the Van Doren brother’s first samples released in the mid-’60s at their shop in Anaheim, the duo was dedicated to crafting a quality “bespoke” rubber-soled deck shoe that catered to a clientele that favored unconventional designs, patterns and funky aesthetics. The now storied footwear company first rose to mainstream prominence when Sean Penn wore the signature checkerboard Slip-Ons in Fast Times at Ridgemont High in his role as Jeff Spicoli. A faithful supporter of the brand to the end, Van Doren is said to have worn a pair of the deck shoes every day until his passing on October 12th. Although Van Doren had been out of the business since the mid-‘80s, his passing leaves behind a legacy that is as timeless as his namesake sneaker brand.”

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