SBTG For Kadir Warriors Part 2 (Available for Pre-Order!)


Our friend Mark Ong (SBTG) has once again worked with his Singapore family, the Kadir Warriors, on a second series of custom Vans sneakers, this time opening up the collection to the public.  If you’re a fan of his work, like we are, and appreciate what he’s been making lately, then you can pre-order your own pair of hand-painted custom leather SBTG vans.  I could go on for days about the quality work and craftsmanship, but I’d rather let the pictures do the talking.


SBTG for Kadir Warriors part 2.

A Celebration of friendship between Mr Sbtg and the Kadir Warriors, we present you the 2nd instalment titled ‘Feline Fury’ on 2 iconic silhouettes.
The SK8 hi & Oldskool from the Vans Vault range.

With collaborative input between the 2, this release features 2 of Kadir Warriors favourite SBTG’s signature Camouflage paintwork, the Tiger & Leopard.


Under the bloodline of the late Mr Kadir Bin Kamari, a group of his grandchildren bonded as a crew of Vans loving enthusiasts. Calling themselves as Warriors of Kadir, they started out as a humble crew minding their own biz but soon their positive energy and love spread globally through their social media networks.

Reconnecting with 3 of the Warriors and sharing the same love for Vans, SBTG started to create custom products based on their strong family bond with intention of spreading their values and positive energy.

Kindly allow 3-4 weeks production time before delivery.

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  1. I need the KWAR part 2 Feline Fury