Silo Featured On The Vans Syndicate Site!


Vans Syndicate has recently featured our great friend Brant, and his shop Silo, on their official website, and some of you newer folks and customer’s of Brant can finally put a face to the friendly person you may or may not have met yet.  Read the article here.  He just opened Silo’s second location in Omaha, NE, which will be offering all things that he likes, and in his words: “Our new space will be more tightly curated, featuring a very select hardgoods brand offering, our favorite shoes, and apparel built to last. We are emphasizing quality and value above all. As we get older, certain aspects of our daily life become more important, and this location hopes to capture that. Long winded way of saying I am carrying exactly what I want.”  This is a big year for our brotha’ Brant.  A new shop, a new house, and his first baby on the way with his awesome wife!  Congrats, and we wish you the best of luck.  UTP owes you for the majority of what we are, and for that we thank you!

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