Silo in-store display for Syndicate x Tommy Guerrero + close-up pics!

Always going that extra mile to showcase the latest Syndicate release, and the back story, which almost all Syndicate releases have, Brant of Silo has shared a few pics of his display in the shop.  I wish more shops paid this much attention, and respect, to the Syndicate line.  It is truly a quality product, and deserves this kind of a spotlight.  The price is completely justified, as long as it’s marketed as such…AND…shops are allowed to sell online, to get the shoes into the hands of those who have a very hard time finding it.  Ask any shop that struggles with Syndicate, if they used to struggle with it when they were allowed to sell online.  I really don’t think so.  Check out some more detailed shots of the kicks, after the jump.

more pics after the jump

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