Sole Classics Creates A New Campaign Called #IWearVansBecause (Video) @soleclassics #soleclassics

Sole Classics is celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year, and besides a new Vault By Vans shoe coming shortly, they’ve decided to create an awesome new social media campaign asking everybody “I Wear Vans Because…”.  They’ve reached out to a few friends, including Doug Worthington of the Los Angeles Rams, to each give their own answer.  This is a great question, and surprisingly I’ve never actually been asked this before.  I guess I can say “I wear Vans because they’re authentic.”  Newcomers may not understand this, but if you’ve been a Vans fanatic for as long as I have, you know and respect what they’re about.  You just get it.  Sole Classics gets it, and here’s what they had to say about this super clever campaign:

“Why do you wear Vans? We have helped serve thousands of different customers from all different walks of life, who may not have anything at all in common, yet they share one common bond; their love for Vans. We have seen them skated, preserved, hiked, collected, dressed up and dressed down. The only thing constant is that the people who wear them love them.

To celebrate our upcoming collaboration with Vault by Vans, we have decided to dig a little deeper. We wanted to give you a peek into our world, as some of our customers tell us why they wear Vans. Get active with the hashtag.. #IWearVansBecause”

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