Some Days I’m In My Yeezy’s, Some Days I’m In My Vans


So there’s been quite a bit of talk over the past week about a specific picture that popped up on the web, featuring Kanye West sitting next to Kendrick Lamar, in some Caballeros, and I think it’s time we chimed in and gave our two cents.  The Caballero is set to re-release this year as part of the Vans 50th Anniversary celebration, but according to some friends on the inside, the colorway Yeezy was wearing wasn’t one on the pre-order sheets.  In fact, the shoe in the photo looks to be one of the 20th Anniversary Caballero models, as pictured below, and maybe it was just the poor lighting that gave it a different shade.  We don’t know for sure, but we’ve attached two different pics of what we think the actual shoe is.  It’s no secret that our man Kanye is a fan of Vans.  He’s been seen in some rare joints before, like the Vault x Ludwig Van “40’s Nostalgic” Era 59 LX, the Olive Vault x Wtaps OG Sk8-Hi LX, and a few other Vaults.  Whether he’s been flowed these shoes, or if he purchased them himself, we’ll never know, but being how serious he takes fashion, I’m sure he doesn’t just wear stuff to help someone else out.  Perhaps he’s trying to get more in touch with his current demographic, which just so happens to be a lot of OUR current demographic, haha!  I, for one, appreciate that he’s publicly wearing Vans, even if it’s a double-edged sword, meaning we may have a tougher time trying to get our rare pairs, but at least it’s some sort of ridiculous validation for what we’ve been aimlessly doing for years.  Did you notice the Taxi Driver Supreme tee as well?  We can say that the Vans and Sup tee combination didn’t start with Ye!    You can’t tell me he doesn’t relate to some of you.  But anyways, just kill the noise, and let Vans be the ones to officially announce IF Kanye comes on board.


Update:  (Found this via our community FB group Strictly Waffles, thanks to Joey)

Vans chief: We don’t need celebrities to sell our product

Back in March 2015, Vans President, Kevin Bailey said in a CNBC interview that their choice to not endorse celebrities and other high profile people comes from an authenticity standpoint, and Vans prides itself on being a “very simple product”.  Now, for all we know, the company may have made some changes, especially if it involves the #1 current fashion icon who already wears their stuff, but then again, it just seems to go against Vans’ ideals of being the outsider.  The authentic ones.  They’ve been successful for 21 consecutive quarters, seeing double-digit growth, all without any celebrity deals.  Why change it up now?

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