Speedway Mag: Rian Pozzebon talks Ten Years of Vans Syndicate (Interview by @Farran_Golding)


As we reluctantly see the Vans Syndicate line come to an end, a few people have been sharing their own perspectives of the brand, and it’s nice to see this kind of attention being shed on the one sub-brand at Vans that was sort of the catalyst for the Vans collecting community.  We didn’t even know it yet, but we were bridging the fashion forward Vans Vault consumer, with the sneakerhead collector lining up at their local skate shops in the early morning for some coveted re-sellable release.  Over the years, as the Swoosh started to toy around with their consumers, Vans Syndicate offered up a nice alternative, and dollars started to migrate towards the “S”.  Our Vans community was growing leaps and bounds, and was starting to get some recognition.  Vans is solidified in the sneaker collecting community, and dare I say it all started with Vans Syndicate.

With that being said, Farran Golding, of Sidewalk Mag, Welcome Leeds, The Green Zine, and Speedway Mag, had a chance to catch up with Syndicate’s footwear design manager Rian Pozzebon, and ask him a few questions about the almighty “S”, like how it was created, who was integral in it’s early years, their purpose, the shoe Rian currently wears, and even an ever so slight hint at what the future holds for Vans Syndicate, or whatever it evolves into.  Head on over to Speedway Mag to read the article, and follow Farran here on Instagram and Twitter.


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