Style Profile: “Vintage” Vans Style #37 (by theothersideofthepillow @pillowHeat)

This is sort of one of those “keep you up to date” posts.  OTWS has been doing it’s thing for a few years now, but as you can imagine, being that we’re a pretty centralized site, focusing on just Vans, the early newcomers and members were those in the know, and those who might call themselves fanatics.  Case in point, OTWS friend Wayne, who owns and operates a shop across the pond in the UK called “The Other Side of the Pillow”.  Wayne searches out all things vintage.  With a knack for digging up vintage gold, he comes across rare eyeglasses, clothing, and you guessed it, Vans.  His collection of rare, and non-existent “Made in the USA” Vans and Van Doren Rubber Co. sneakers are astonishing.  And he keeps finding more!!!  Vans are so simple to make, and the styles are as such, that they can pump out endless designs, limited runs, collaborations, and rare exclusives, as if they were printing t-shirts.  This is what makes collecting Vans so fun, and in his case, vintage Vans.  There are so many out there, that there’s almost no way of documenting every single pair.  There’s always going to be pairs that we don’t know about, or have never seen.

I wanted you newer followers and members of OTWS to meet this fellow, and check out what he’s got going on, because there’s nobody else doing what he does.  He’s the link to the past that we don’t have with Vans, and hopefully some of you enjoy and appreciate what he does.  Some people only wear the “Made in the USA” Vans, and hopefully he can help you source whatever it is you’re looking for.  Had a pair as a kid that you can’t find?  Check him out, and see if he can help!

Wayne recently wrote up an article, regarding the Style #37, which was originally designated for the shoe we know as the Mid-Skool ’77.  Turns out, that style# had a little bit of an identity crisis throughout the years, and somehow it got mixed up with a Native American, and the Sk8-Mid.  It’s a pretty neat story, so go and check it out over on his site, and while you’re there, click around, and see some of his older posts, and check out what he’s currently got for sale.  You might find something you like!  Keep up the great work Wayne, and I hope you get a few new followers from this post!

Check out the story on the Vans Style #37  -> HERE.

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