Support #OTWS and purchase through our new Vans affiliate Ads!

Vans has approved us to join their network of affiliates, which means I can start recouping some money back from doing all of this hard work for you all!  All you gotta do is make your purchase through our links, just like you’ve been doing with the Amazon links.  Oh, and by the way, any Vans product being sold through Amazon, is not approved by them, and is not coming from their authorized accounts.  So don’t support that gray market!  Only support Vans, and every skateshop and sneaker boutique that officially sells Vans product!

A lot of people have been asking me about these Bulgarian Camo Era Pro’s and where to purchase them.  Why not grab one of the dopest Pro releases of the Summer, and help support us?!  We’d greatly appreciate the help!

(Click on the picture to be re-directed to the purchase page)

Check out a few more choice recommendations after the jump!

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