Syndicate x W)Taps Sk8-mid (up close!)

I know, I know.  We’ve beaten this release to death already, but I promise you this will be the last post for the W)Taps x Syndicate collection.  Sometimes it takes a few detailed macro shots for people to get a better idea of something, and being that we don’t get a lot of exclusive content (yet!), we have to approach things from a different perspective.  There’s nothing better than clear pics for shoes.  I hate seeing for sale threads, and personal listings, where the pics are horribly out of focus, and don’t capture any details.  A quick lesson for you noobs out there…see that little flower icon on your camera?  It allows your camera to take detailed pics up close (like anything 1 ft. and closer).  USE IT!  Anyways, there should be nobody on the fence about these shoes, but for those of you who thought about passing these up, perhaps these pics will change your mind.  I’ve decided to lace them up in the black laces, but either color is nice for sure, it just depends on the look you’re going for with them.  Tons of more pics are available after the jump.

more pics after the jump

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