Thanks for the mention @samcolt12 ! (video review)

Many of you in the sneaker community know Tom, aka samcolt12.  We share the same method of sneaker collecting, and that is to just collect EVERYTHING.  With no focus on brand loyalty, styles, or collaborations, we both have a very diverse collection, although his is probably 10x larger than mine!  His Vans collection runs deep as well, and I was surprised when he hit me up about my Supreme x Public Enemy “Rasta” Sk8-Hi’s, and he told me he once had them, but sold them, and has been trying to get them back ever since.  I was glad I could help him out, and I knew he was stoked, and of course, what is Tom known for most?  Video reviews!  Sure enough, the day he got them, the video was made, and a shout-out was even mentioned, so I wanted to say thanks for that, Tom!  Sorry it took forever to post the video.  It just slipped my mind!

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