Thanks @Gizmodo for helping our site hit 1,000 unique visitors!

Hey guys, I just wanted to point out that our site has had quite a few new visitors over the past few days, and I’m guessing it has to do with the recent iPhone4 case that just started popping up at a few Vans stores.  Actually, we need to thank the #1 tech blog as we know it, Gizmodo, for giving us some credit for having the most useful information about the case.  Take a look at our increase in traffic over the past few days.  Now don’t laugh, because I know our traffic isn’t spectacular, but it’s damn good for me!  On a good day, we would normally see about 600-700 visitors, and average is around 400-500 visitors per day.  Now, I haven’t checked out my Google analytics in awhile, but I know they aren’t far off from what ShortStat displays.  Yesterday was the first time we’ve hit 1,000 unique visitors!  Hopefully this surge in exposure will help direct long lost Vans enthusiasts like ourselves, who love any and everything Vans related, but never knew we existed.  I feel 2012 will be another solid growing year for OTWS.  Once again, thanks Gizmodo!

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