The One Out of Step – A Farewell Salute to Vans Syndicate by The Hundreds’ Maarten Warning (@warheadnl)


I just stumbled across this article this morning, and I must say, I had no idea there were others out there who knew as much info as my fellow Under The Palms / Strictly Vans homies, about Vans Syndicate.  I really thought we had found them all, and had hazed them into our fraternity.  I’m talking about some detailed shit, like back-story type shit.  Stuff you only hear about from original Vans Syndicate dealers, reps, and employees, as well from just personal experience early on before the Vans hype started to grow into what it is today.  Founder of Noise Magazine, Lacebag, and now an author for The Hundreds, Amsterdam-native Maarten Warning, has created the best tribute to Vans Syndicate that I’ve read so far.  Now that I think of it, it makes complete sense, as there is a pretty big “S” following in The Netherlands!  Shout out to Erwin!  Anyways, Maarten’s article goes in depth about the start of Vans Syndicate, the early collaborations, and even put together an awesome, and nearly similar to what I’d have chosen list of his 10 favorite Syndicate releases.  Please take the time out to read his article over at The Hundreds, and follow him @warheadnl on Instagram and Twitter.


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