This is the Collector: Bill C. aka DJ Guamstyles

So I guess it’s my turn to be the OTW featured collector!  I want to thank Chris D. for being a strong supporter of OTWS, and our main link to Vans directly.  It definitely helps get our views, and ideas across.  I swear they listen to us over here at OTWS!  I had ranted one day about how if OTW wants to become a major player, they better start listening to the demographic they want to cater to, and sure enough, there’s been some major hits coming out lately, from their division, but anyways, back to me (which I am sort of uncomfortable with, hehe).  I just wanted to give a small glimpse of what my collection is like.  Honestly, I took forever taking pics, and it was because my garage belongs on hoarders.  I didn’t want to take any “collection” pics with a bunch of other random crap in it, but I think I did alright in the end.  Sorry for lagging, Chris!  Peep the OTW microsite for my interview, and a few pics!

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