This is the Collector: Chris B. aka Crisone/Crisuno

As OTW continues to build their identity and core base, they are starting to see who is interested in their unfamiliar, yet dope creations.  It’s hard to push for change, but how else do you grow?  One element of change for them, is they are embracing the sneaker collecting culture, FINALLY!  OTW is going to be doing some pieces on different Vans collectors out there, inspired by OTW advocate Dimitri Coste, arguably the largest Vans curator/fanatic out there.  You may recall his feature in the “A History of Vans” book, that released last year.  He’s got enough Vans to create a museum.  New and old, and definitely rare stuff.  To kick things off, OTWS member Crisuno was chosen, and rightfully so, with his vast knowledge, and time he’s put into collecting kicks.  16 years to be exact.  He’s part of an OG era of collectors, who hasn’t been jaded by the scene, he’s just adapted to it, by thinning out his collection, to just include the best of his best.  I don’t want to spoil the read, so get on over to the OTW site for the feature.

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