Top 5 Vans Sneaker Releases of 2012 (Decided by OTWS Forum Members!)


I guess if OFFTHEWALLSITE operated around deadlines, then we’d be fired already!  It’s a one-man-show around here, so what do you expect?!  Anyways, we compiled a thread over on our OTWS forums, asking members to list their top 5 Vans sneaker releases of 2012.  Everyone does their own version of this list, so why not let the OFFICIAL VANS SNEAKER COMMUNITY tell you what’s really good?!  Oh, and if you’re new to OFFTHEWALLSITE, it’s the same as before.  We had to include the entire release or pack, rather than voting on an individual model, as this is how most of our Vans are brought to market.  After the tally, there was one clear favorite, but the rest ended up in ties for 2nd and 3rd, and so on, so I listed them as such.

Hit the jump, and find out which releases made it in your line-up!

Whoops, there’s 6 releases.  Yes, 6!  That’s because three releases tied for 3rd place, two tied for 2nd place, and one came out unanimous amongst most.  Here we go…

Starting off in a 3-way tie for 3rd place, we have:

Supreme – MC “Mike Carroll” 2012 Nubuck’s. 

One of our favorite models from 2011 returned a year later, in a much more mainstream colorway and material combo.  We will be forever thankful for Supreme reviving the Mike Carroll signature model.


Vans Vault – Sk8-Hi Zipper LX

This is a great release, because it had just enough uniqueness to it, without completely losing it’s original character.  The rear zipper is a cool feature, and the premium leather was a nice finishing touch, especially when they decided to use two classic colorways in the line-up.  Instant hit!


Supreme x Campbell’s Soup Collection

Campbell’s Soup, really?!  That’s what we also thought at first, but come the day of the release, everyone had a change of heart.  The soup brand is iconic, and the can label, designed by Andy Warhol, is a staple in the art world, so I get it.  Plus, who doesn’t like a black, red, and white color combo?


In 2nd place, it was a tie between two Syndicate releases.  Here they are in no particular order:

Syndicate “35th Anniversary Jazz Stripe” Pack

Syndicate made this pack to tribute Vans’ most iconic models to wear the Jazz Stripe, the Sk8-Hi, and the Old Skool.  They revamped the shoes in premium suede, and gave them the padded insoles, and DriLex material to step them up a notch from your local Vans store editions.  I don’t think there were too many people who passed these up.


Syndicate x Carhartt WIP – Old Skool “S”

Hands down, the hardest Syndicate to get this year!  The Old Skool “S” New Style, was a dope project between Syndicate and Carhartt’s Euro market label WIP (Work In Progress).  They created a four-shoe set of Old Skools, constructed in a mix of corduroy, canvas, leather, and work boot laces, including a funky german camo model that is still on many people’s hit lists.  If you were lucky enough to have a friend in Europe, to snag you a pair, then congrats!


So here we have the #1 Vans shoe release for 2012.  I believe it’s the rightful winner.  Do you?

Syndicate x AVE/Dill – Old Skool/Authentic Pack

The release that stole the show, came early this year, causing mass hysteria, and blood in the streets (just kidding).  Collaborated on with two Vans team riders, they released a unique 3-pack, in which they both designed their own shoe, and then designed a shoe that had features from both of their individual designs.  Mind blown, right?!  Each pair could easily stand their own ground, and sell tons of units, and that’s in fact what happened, as the entire pack has damn near dried up from all skate shops.  The Old Skool cheetah print from AVE (Anthony Van Engelen, not England!) was the decisive winner in the hype category, but the Dill Authentic snakeskin will most likely have the long term win in this race.  The AV Sk8-Low is a creeper, with it’s dress shoe leather, and shiny good looks!  Don’t sleep on those!


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