Us vs. The Supreme Bots!


This morning’s Supreme Vans launch was fun, huh?  In a matter of seconds, a full size run of shoes in every color turned into SOLD OUT.  The bots were alive and working, that’s for sure.  Some were lucky, and others weren’t.  We can wax nostalgia about how things used to be with Supreme Vans, but is this going to be the new norm?  Buying some 3rd party app in order to have a better chance at purchasing something for retail?  I would assume that this would be an easy thing to curtail, by perhaps some sort of captcha or human verification at final checkout, but perhaps it’s this hype and sense of limited availability that keeps people buying it up.  The real question is how long can they keep us on the hook, before we give up and let go of the bait?!

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