UTP x The Laced Locked and Loaded Super Show (Event Recap) @lacedlockedandloaded #lacedlockedandloaded


This past Sunday, we linked up with the homies at Frank & Sons for their inaugural Laced, Locked, and Loaded Super Show.  If you aren’t from the SoCal area, or you aren’t a comic book, sports memorabilia, or toy nerd, then you probably don’t know what Frank & Sons is.  Basically, it’s the OG Triple OG place to go for all things just mentioned.  They’ve been around longer than San Diego Comic Con, and this was, and still is the place to go, to get your fix on all things collectible, and yes even sneakers!  Open every Tuesday and Saturday!  Our friend Pablo runs a booth at this show, and he, along with Frankie Z of Frank & Sons, and their team, organized one of the biggest, and best shows we’ve seen, since the Dunkxchange days.  Keep in mind, this was a grassroots effort, and the local shops, and sneaker community came out and supported them to the fullest.  I was just stoked to see someone local from my same home town area do something like this, and it was a no-brainer to be a part of it.  L.A. came to the SGV/IE for this!  The show was huge, and there was a ton of heat on display.  I knew that if I was going to join in on this, then I would have to bring out some of the best Vans to ever release.  Plus, I was representing for the Vans community that couldn’t be there.  I took quite a bit of pictures, mostly of our table, which is probably what y’all wanted to see anyways, right?  A special thanks goes out to my Tintin, and to the homie Dean for helping me out all day.  Thanks to Pablo and Frankie for the hospitality and keeping things running smoothly for everyone, and oh yeah, thanks to everyone who’s already commented on a few pics on Strictly Waffles FB group, and here’s the rest that I took.  Enjoy!

pics after the jump

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