Van Doren – Aloha Parrot Authentic (Spring 2013)


Here, we get another look at the latest shoe to release from the newly formed, and wildly successful Van Doren series.  Paying homage to the classic patterns and colorways, Vans sparks a bit of nostalgia in a lot of us, as well as introduces the newcomers to a lot of forgotten gems in the Vans lineups of yesteryear.  The Aloha Parrot graphic is a familiar one, but we get to see it in this vivid colorful mockup.  Choosing the Authentic as the base model was a smart choice, as it’s the most widely accepted model from Vans.  These may be an Authentic Slim, judging that the past Van Doren Authentics have all been slims, but there’s no official info just yet!  Anyways, Mark my words, these will be an INSTANT CLASSIC…AGAIN!  These will be out soon, so hold your horses.

pics via Hypebeast

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